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Official Welcome to the Unity Asset Manager forum

Discussion in 'Unity Asset Manager' started by AndreanneAbel1, Feb 29, 2024.

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  1. AndreanneAbel1


    Unity Technologies

    May 27, 2021
    Welcome to the Unity Asset Manager forum. You can use this space to ask for help, share feedback, and have discussions about the Asset Manager Dashboard, API, and package.

    Unity Asset Manager is a digital asset management system tailored for the rigors of 3D asset creation, embedded directly in the Unity Cloud dashboard.

    With Unity Asset Manager, you can
    • Upload assets from disk or connect to Unity DevOps Version Control
    • Store assets in Unity Cloud storage (included capacity according to your subscription)
    • Build your own integration with APIs and SDKs
    • Use a suite of tools to manage, organize, and discover your assets
    • Use data transformation workflows to generate previews
    • Manage access to your assets with role-based access controls
    To learn what Asset Manager features are included in your subscription, visit the Unity Cloud Compare Plans page.

    To integrate Unity Asset Manager in your existing pipeline, there’s several tools that you can use.
    • Asset Manager for Unity is a package that integrates Unity Cloud assets into the Unity Editor. To use the package’s functionality, you need to install the package in Unity Editor.
    • Assets SDK is a package to help you integrate with Unity Cloud at runtime
    • Unity Cloud Python SDK is a package that allows you to create/update and download assets using python.
    • Asset Manager for Blender is a sample from the Unity Cloud Python SDK that allows you to upload and update FBXs to Asset Manager from Blender.
    Watch our Unite 2023 presentation for a complete overview

    Documentation links
    Unity 2022 LTS+

    Getting started
    Log into Unity Cloud with your existing Unity ID or by creating a Unity Cloud account.

    From the Unity Cloud Product page, select Asset Manager, create a project, add your assets, and start inviting teammates to collaborate in your project.

    For more detailed information on getting started with Asset Manager, read the documentation.

    Current state
    Asset Manager is officially released and the Asset Manager package is experimental.

    What's next
    You can find our roadmap here

    Please feel free to share any feedback here in the forum or via our roadmap. Please make sure to describe your use case and provide context and/or examples.

    How to report bugs
    Please report any bugs you may encounter to our Service desk. Please include reproduction steps and other contextual information that may help us identify and reproduce the issue. After submitting a report, feel free to start a conversation about it here in the forum. Posting in the forum is not a substitute for submitting a bug report.

    Thank you for your interest, we're looking forward to your feedback!
    Last edited: May 16, 2024
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.