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Official Welcome to Open Projects

Discussion in 'Open Projects' started by cirocontinisio, Aug 14, 2020.

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  1. cirocontinisio


    Jun 20, 2016
    Update: Open Projects is not in development anymore. For more info, read here.

    What is Open Projects?

    "Open Projects" is a collaborative initiative where Unity and the community come together to create small open-source game projects.

    The objective of this initiative is to replicate the dynamics of a game development process, and let everyone take part in it according to their skill level, time, and will. It is a great resource for whomever wants to get practical experience but can't or doesn't know how to start a project of their own. To account for this, we will drive the main effort of the development and provide a platform for you to build upon.

    On your side, you can make small or big contributions, collaborate with others, or just sit back and learn from exploring the project and following the video materials we will produce. We believe that the biggest value of this project is to see it unfold, and that will provide valuable experience you wouldn't get by just following a tutorial.

    Watch the announce trailer (2:30)

    How does it work?
    The projects live on Github. Anyone can contribute to the projects and leave their mark on the development process. We review the submissions through a classic Pull Request mechanism (guide).

    As part of the initiative, we will produce a wealth of educational material, so even if you don't feel like contributing you will still be able to learn from the projects, explore them, and grow and get better in your craft, whether it's code, art, design, etc.

    We live-stream every 2 weeks on Unite Now and on Unity's YouTube channel where we will bring on camera members of the team (and occasionally, of the community!) to discuss the solutions used and take live questions; plus some one-off "devlogs" which will explore different development aspects in a concise way. You can find trailer, livestreams and devlogs all together in this YouTube playlist.

    At the end of the process we will create a 1.0 version of each project, with a proper launch trailer, and put the game(s) on Steam - for free. If you contribute something to the development, you will be appropriately credited.

    Please check the FAQ thread where we will collect the questions that pop up most frequently.

    Open Project #1 - Action-Adventure
    As part of the initiative, we are kickstarting the development of a first action-adventure game, which is titled "Chop Chop". Public access to this game has been opened in September 2020, and you can find the project on its Github repository.

    You can follow the evolution of the game on the public roadmap, or use it to find things that you could contribute, or decisions to discuss. You will already find a couple of discussion threads in this forum.

    As of now we plan to launch a version 1.0 of the Open Project #1 in March 2021 (exact date to be confirmed).


    We are looking forward to see what you will create ❤
    - the Unity Creator and Developer Advocacy team
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