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Official Welcome to DOTS NetCode

Discussion in 'NetCode for ECS' started by timjohansson, Feb 8, 2021.

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  1. timjohansson


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 13, 2016

    Welcome to the DOTS NetCode forum! This forum is for discussions about DOTS NetCode, sharing experiences using it and showing off cool stuff you make with it.

    Please see the DOTS Release thread to find the latest released version.

    What is Unity NetCode?
    The ultimate goal of NetCode is to let you create multiplayer games at scale, providing a set of flexible and easy to use tools and libraries that makes it easier to create multiplayer games.

    It is based on Unity Entities and follows the same set of principles to give you performance and scalability by default.

    NetCode is not intended to provide a “fit-for-all” networking solution for all the game genres and types. Instead, the idea is to give you a set of dedicated solutions, tailored to specific genre needs. The currently shipping preview package is for a server authoritative model with client prediction commonly found in FPS games. In the future we will look at solutions for games better suited for other network architectures, such as RTS and fighting games.

    NetCode is a preview package available in Unity 20.1 today, being a preview package means:
    • The API is not stable and can change!
    • All the features are in a working state, tested and verified. However they might still have unknown issues, missing use case scenarios and are in continuous development.
    • Tooling and integration with the Unity Editor is work in progress.
    • Dependency on other in preview packages can affect the stability of the NetCode package.
    • We try to honor backward compatibility as much as possible. Breaking changes are still likely to occur and we will do our best to communicate these ahead of time.

    The samples we use when developing NetCode are shared in the multiplayer github repo.

    For more involved and complex usage of the framework we have the DOTSSample which is built using NetCode.
    It is a fully fledged multiplayer FPS that we are using internally to demonstrate and verify that NetCode actually works! More information about the project can be found on

    The official NetCode documentation can be found on .
    We also gave a presentation about how to use it at Unite Copenhagen which is available on youtube
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.