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Weirdness with Unity HUB and Expired Unity Licences

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by Kartack, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Kartack


    Nov 7, 2012
    Hey, I've been using Unity Hub for a couple weeks now and its a great product. But I've run into one kind of obscure snag that hopefully you can find a solution for. My company recently had its licences revoked because we hit our annual renewal (or had some kind of other problem that necessitated revoking all our licences and issuing new ones to all of us). If you try to open a project through Unity HUB when your licence isn't currently active you get some kind of weird behaviours. This may only apply to copies of Unity you installed through the normal download process and then added to Unity HUB. All the copies of Unity I've been using were installed in this way as I had them installed on my computer before I installed Unity HUB and didn't want to reinstall them for what seemed like no reason.

    When you click on on of the project entries Unity HUB opens up the editor as per normal. Once the Editor is open however it immediately starts a reimport of your project to set it back to a standalone Platform (I'd guess if your project was a standalone project it wouldn't do anything, but mine is an Android one). Once this process finishes it brings up a window which asks you to reactivate your licence. The window has a warning near the top of it that indicates that you will need to log in first before you can submit the licence key and the next button on the bottom is greyed out (presumably because you are not logged in).
    If you try to click on the login button at the top of the window however nothing happens. The only thing you can do from here is to quit the editor.

    If you open up Unity directly (not opening up a project directly but instead just opening the editor by itself). Then you will be taken to the same activate unity flow but now the login button works correctly.

    Once you have activated Unity you can go to the Unity Editor project selection window (launcher window that comes up first if you open the Unity Editor directly without specifically opening a project) and open your project and everything is good to go, except that your project has been switched to targeting Stand Alone and you have to switch it back to whatever target you actually want.

    I've observed this problem in Unity 5.6.3 and 2017.1.2. I'm guessing the issue lies in the Unity Editor rather than Unity HUB (Hub just makes this pre-existing issue much easier to stumble upon).

    Hopefully, you can modify hub to be able to detect if an installed copy of Unity isn't currently activated and either activate it with the credentials you put into HUB itself, or at least open Unity without your project in this case so that the activation flow works correctly. As well I'm sure in future versions of Unity you will make the interaction between HUB and the Editor even smoother. But some of us are stuck with having to interact with older versions of Unity here and there to work with older projects now and again so it would be appreciated if you could fix this for both newer and older versions of the editor.

    Overall HUB is a great addition though, thanks for making it!
  2. joeksy


    Unity Technologies

    Jan 12, 2017
    Hi @Kartack,
    If newer editor does not prompt the issue, here is my suggestion to you (you may read my suspected reason that follow):
    - Return your unity license using Manage License, Return License from Editor menu (Help on Windows, Unity menu on Mac)
    - Once you have your license return, activate your license using Unity 5.6
    - If you are using Unity Hub version 0.12.0+, you may now use Unity as normal, else, open the latest Unity and close it.

    Reason that I suspect:
    This is a backward compatibility issue. In normal case, an user who has a license generated by 5.x will automatically upgrade and usable with the latest Unity if license contain license for later version too. The problem comes in when the license is generated with later Unity version, the previous Unity version does not recognize the generated license.

    If you encounter any more issue, let us know.

    Thanks for reporting