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Bug Weird animation rigging BUG?

Discussion in 'Animation' started by lacas8282, Sep 26, 2021.

  1. lacas8282


    Apr 25, 2015

    I created a video, I don't know what is happening here :)

    I just followed tutorial videos, and using only the "2 bone IK"

    My armature and body is under a parent object, and scaled up 100, 100, 100 (I don't know why)
    Is it a probleme at all? Or what is the fix for this thing?

    If I use the Model's avatar (Blake avatar, human) then this is happening...
    When I select on the animator the avatar to "None" and just GENERATE GENERIC AVATAR menu, then it is working, but the character animations not working at all :D It is just in T pose I think, but the Rigging is working on that arm. So what is the solution for that the rigging on that arm + all others animation work together?

    Something is really broken in this Animation rigging package. Unity 2019.4.0f1 animation rigging 0.2.7 preview

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