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Games (WebGL) Starship Clicker - 3D Idle Clicker Game

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    Apr 2, 2020
    The United Galactic Federation needs new Starships! Get to work producing starships for the federation by clicking on the 3D spaceship button! Hire astronauts, commission robots, and deploy factories to get the federation the ships they need!

    Visual Preview:

    Game Link:

    Current Features:
    • Starships Counter - Counts the number of starships the player and power ups have created.
    • Settings Menu - Allows the user to adjust the game settings.
      • Master Volume Control - Allows user to control the master volume mixer.
      • Music Volume Control - Allows user to control the music volume mixer.
      • SFX Volume Control - Allows user to control the sound effects (SFX) volume mixer.
      • Full Screen Toggle - Allows user to switch to full screen mode.
    • Power ups Counter - Counts the number of power ups for each power up type.
      • Astronauts - This power up will click 0.1 starships per real-time second for the user.
      • Robots - This power up will click 0.2 starships per real-time second for the user.
      • Factories - This power up will click 0.3 starships per real-time second for the user.
    • Power Ups Shop - Allows the user to by more power ups for each power up type.
    • Starship Button - The 3D wire-frame looking model of a starship on the screen, which for every time the user presses the button, will produce one starship and add that to the counter above.
    Road Map:
    • Fix Starship Button - Currently if the user switches to full screen mode or if a feature is added to change resolutions the starship button becomes unaligned with the starship 3D viewport.
    • Fix Quality Settings Dropdown - Currently if the user clicks on the quality settings dropdown, the Unity Webplayer will throw a "uncaught exception: abort(-1)" error and consequentially crashes the WebGL player.
    • Add Special Power up - A special power up that will last for a few seconds giving both the player and the player's power ups a temporary boost in starships per click. This should happen randomly by chance.
    • Replace art assets with custom art assets. Currently I am using three art assets found on OpenGameArt.ORG, I plan on replacing these assets in the future.
    • Add Main Menu - A main menu would be nice.
    • Add Pause Menu - A pause menu would be nice.
    • Balance Power ups - Power ups shouldn't be over powered.
    • Add Easter Eggs - Self-explanatory.
    Desired Feedback:
    1. Is the game fun?
    2. Do you have any desired features?
    3. Are the power ups over powered?
    Latest Updates:

    • Version 0.1:
      • The first version is available to be played (Version 0.1) at the link mentioned above. Two current issues with the game are known, don't click the quality settings drop down or the webgl player will crash, and in full screen mode the size of the ship will increase, but the size of the actual button won't match the new size of the ship. I'll be looking into these issues, but for now just know these things.
    • Version 0.2 (Current):
      • Fixed: Starship button now scales correctly in different resolutions and full screen mode.
      • Fixed: Power ups are more balanced.
      • Fixed: Music was looping and couldn't change tracks.
      • Added: Random chance for special power up to activate. The only visual feedback will be the rapid increase in score.
      • Added: New Art Assets, both 2D and 3D.
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