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Question WebGL Build while running does not match Editor while running

Discussion in 'Web' started by asv15238, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. asv15238


    Apr 23, 2020
    I'm a beginner just learning the basics of building and working outside of the editor. I have created a number line in unity that allows a user to scroll and zoom, etc. My problem is that while it works fine in the editor, when I build and run to webgl, it stops matching what happens in the Editor.

    For Example, in my editor, when I hit the scroll button once, it zooms in moving all the ticks a certain distance to the left or right. However, on WebGL it only scrolls certain ticks and not all of them, and does not match what is supposed to happen, and what happens in the scene view. Perhaps there is a crucial element that I have to include that I don't know about because I am new?

    If you would like me to send code, I can. However, there is a lot of it and it is relatively simple. But if it helps, just ask!

    Thanks in advance!