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Looking For Contributor WEB3 Blockchain

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Marioleone, Oct 13, 2022.

  1. Marioleone


    May 22, 2020
    Greetings, we’re working on a project titled “Age of Nakimoto.” Blockchain Web3 Game that’s really exciting and fun, and we’ve made a ton of headway. I am the project manager and we are aiming to grow into a company and studio. We will be working on agreements to make sure that each person prosper from this.

    Introduction & Summary
    A strategic Blockchain-based game inspired by the popular four-time strategy genre that's played globally. Age Nakamoto players will raise their army cultivate economies and form alliances.

    Project Type/Genre & Platform
    It is a real-time strategy video game
    Age of Nakamoto (AON) is a real-time strategy video game based on historical combat, The game uses the Unity3d Engine, a 2D/3D sprite-based game engine.

    The Idea...
    We are needing help. This will become Revenue Share with agreements. We have deadlines and we are looking to build a team of people that can help us.

    Who are we looking for? If you know someone. Please share this with them…

    • Artificial intelligence development for procedural generation.
    • Backend developer for procedural generation
    • Infrastructure, networking, server developers.
    • UI Artist
    • 3-D Game Artist
    • 2-D Game Artist
    • Blockchain developer.
    • Unity Developers.
    It is revenue share but we are days away from actual funding and working on it. We’re working on a demo right now, and we could really use the support. if you want to connect to me on LinkedIn I can put my link here.

    We are so far building a team of several people all over the world and doing quite well. We will be doing contractual agreements that make sure that each person that is involved in the progress and process of everything will make sure that they will prosper. See the link below and where we are headed. Serious replies only…

    Understand the concept of revshare, and understand we need your help. We are growing fast, yet we have to finish our Demo.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2022