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[Wear OS] [3D Game]

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by PiggiHD, Oct 12, 2018.


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  1. PiggiHD


    Nov 8, 2016
    InfinityRunner has now officially released for Wear OS Download for free and play everywhere!

    After some weeks I've successful ported my Game to Wear OS!

    Infinity Runner is a famous zigzag game in which you try to stay as long as you can on the endless Way. Do as many zigzags as you can and beat your Friends in the endless Infinity! 8
    Just tap to change the direction of the Ball.
    Don't try to fall over the edges. And watch out for the Traps!
    Collect the Crystals to unlock new Balls!
    Ready to run into the endless Infinity?

    - Various animated Balls:
    Standard Ball, Icy Ice Block, Hot Fireball, Future Plasmaball, Windy Tornado and now the endless Black Hole!
    - Simple, minimalistic Graphics
    - Unlock new funny Achievements and become more Experience Points!
    - Simple, but brilliant In-Game Sound!
    - Compare the Highscore with your friends in a worldwide Leaderboard!
    Beat the records of your friends!
    - The endless run into the Infinity8

    Stay on the way, do as many zigzags as you can and don't lose yourself in the endless Way. Nothing is impossible.
    You have all the time to break the Highscore of your friends!
    Feel free to run endless into the Infinity..

    The endless Runner for Android and Samsung Gear.