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Ways to level design for mobile?

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by FlashHardcore, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. FlashHardcore


    Feb 23, 2014
    Hi everybody. I didnt write before on the forum but i've been using unity about 2 months and learning c#. At this point im trying to develop my first game: an finite runner plataform. I've got the history and i want to release it for ios and android devices. I already make a lot of prototypes and finished coding the animations, actions, enemys, respawn points....

    At this point, i only have to create the levels. Each level will have 2-5 minutes of gameplay and will be about 10-15 levels in total. The levels will start from a forest, then mountains and then some caves and dungeons.

    So, after many failed attemps to create a forest level (i got some fantasy assets from the store) im not able to make a forest with enought trees, logs, etc... the framerate goes down and the idea of put a big forest as a background its starting to become dangerous...

    There is any ways, plugins, tips o similar that could help me to design a graphic detailed (with low poly models but high quality) for mobile devices? What are the limitations?

    Here's a photo about what i have. The idea its that the forest can extend to the infinite and because its a 3-5 minutes level the only visible trees doesnt affect the frames or game perform

    Thanks for all and sorry for my english.

    Best Regards
    Flash Hardcore
  2. Teila


    Jan 13, 2013
    I don't make games for mobile so can't help you with that, but I have made terrains with trees. Did you use a Unity terrain and are the trees placed through the Unity terrain system? If not, that might help your frame rates. You have to be careful to use low poly trees and infinite probably isn't going to happen. Use fog to give the illusion of the world fading out. Make sure you don't use a dozen different kinds of trees...I find that 3 or 4 works for me.

    I am sure the mobile developers can give you more tips on optimization. Good luck to you.