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Way Too Slow for Unity Hub to Refresh Version List

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by AdamLiu, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. AdamLiu


    Mar 19, 2014
    The current version of Unity Hub (2.2.1) is way too slow in fetching the version list. It is frustrating.

    First you open the Hub, go to "Installs", click "Add", then there is this EMPTY list, only after at least 10 seconds (sometimes up to a few minutes...), you close and reopen the list, it finally got filled.

    I am aware that my internet connection is not fast when this happens, because usually it works kinda fine when I connect to the internet using a 200MB bandwidth optical fiber, but whoever designed this Unity Hub thing seems a. didn't consider well enough for the user experience of people who has slow internet connection, b. wasn't thoughtful enough to add something like "refreshing version list..." message with a busy indicator. This gives us a very frustrating experience because when you open the version list, you will probably get an empty list and don't know why.

    Speaking of the versions, I have complained not once but quite a few times about the latest Unity version displayed in Unity's website not showing up in Unity Hub's version list. There is always at least a couple of hours delay if not longer before the latest version shows up in Unity Hub. In Unity's website it says to get the latest version of Unity, you need to go to Unity Hub. And when you open the Hub, wait for the hub to fetch all the available Unity versions, the latest version is NOT there....You will immediately feel being cheated. It is that bad.

    Additionally, when you click the "Next" button on the select module screen, it takes an extra few seconds before the EULA can show up. Again, no operation lock is applied when fetching the EULA, and this may well lead to a few extra clicks on the "Next" button which will make the EULA screen pop up several times. Can you at least grey out the Next button or do anything that can indicate the user that the button is already pressed and no more click is needed?

    To be clear, the issues I mentioned here may seem trivial and may not be a problem to many users, but these are such basic user experience design considerations yet the developers of Unity Hub failed to add even after quite a few updates. I can for sure submit a bug report but I don't think the problems I mentioned here are necessarily "bugs". I do like the idea of Unity Hub and I hope it can be really user friendly to use soon. For now, there is still a very long way to go.
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