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Bug Warp Text Example Broken with Canvas Scaler on a Screen Space - Camera Canvas

Discussion in 'UGUI & TextMesh Pro' started by ExNull-Tyelor, Feb 23, 2023.

  1. ExNull-Tyelor


    Apr 21, 2022
    I'd like a little help getting curved text to work properly, as I believe I've found a bug with my particular use case. We have a Canvas, with its Render Mode set to Screen Space - Camera, and we've also got a Canvas Scaler on this Canvas, with it's UI Scale Mode set to Scale with Screen Size and use a standard 1080p resolution for the width and height with 100% matching to height.

    This makes the UI look nice across devices, but seems to break the Wrap Text Example, specifically when the Orthographic Size of the camera is changed (i.e. to zoom in/out). By removing the Canvas Scaler we are able to change the Orthographic Size without breaking the curved text shape from the Warp Text example, but then the UI doesn't scale as well across mobile device screens.

    Is there a better alternative or a way to change the Warp Text example to overcome this issue? I can provide some screenshots or answer any questions if needed.