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Question "Wait For Managed Debugger" don't work

Discussion in 'VR' started by peterpop, Apr 22, 2023.

  1. peterpop


    Feb 16, 2014

    I can't get this feature to work. To test it I have made an empty project like this:

    1. Create Unity 2021.3.23 project using VR template (I don't normally, but thought it might be the most official way to make a test)
    2. Switch to Android platform
    3. Check "Development Build", "Script Debugging" and "Wait For Managed Debugger
    4. Install Logcat package (to see the Android log and the Wait for debugger message
    5. Click "Build And Run"
    6. When "[Wait for debugger to attach] Also use Volume Up or Down button to confirm..." is shown click on the volume button on my headset
    7. ... ... ... nothing happens. No messages in logcat, no change on headset which remains black.
    I am going crazy!!!