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Wait for a few seconds and then move down z axis

Discussion in 'AR' started by marcosis, May 20, 2019.

  1. marcosis


    Nov 5, 2018

    Im building an AR App where you have a selection of quads that you can select that will show up when the imagetarget is visible.

    The selection of quads to choose from are along the bottom of the screen and i would like it so that when you select one, it will slowly drift off screen. The easiest way to do this is to just make the quad move down the z axis.

    If possible i would also like it so that the first one goes down and then the next one goes down maybe half a second after and then the next one etc etc.

    I presume this would be that the first one is just a move z position and then the next one would be a waitforseconds script for about half a second and then the next one a second and so on.

    If thats not possible, or extremely complicated its not a problem, i will just have it so they all "glide" off screen together.

    Thanks in advance, as much appreciated.