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Vuforia Engine 9.3 is Available!

Discussion in 'Vuforia' started by meedabit, Jul 22, 2020.

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  1. meedabit


    Official Vuforia Employee Vuforia

    Dec 8, 2016
    Vuforia Engine 9.3 releases today and the team has developed some great new things that continue to evolve our advanced features. Below are just a few of the changes included in Vuforia Engine 9.3 – be sure to check out the release notes for the full list.

    Since the initial release of both Model Targets and Area Targets, Vuforia has been committed to improving the usability and performance of these advanced features. Check out some of our new enhancements:
    • Model Targets - Improvements to the training of Advanced Model Targets allows for better recognition of objects when the object covers most or all of the view. While ideally it is best for the object's silhouette and some background to be in view, this is no longer strictly required for recognition. To take advantage of this new feature, please re-train your databases with the Vuforia 9.3 Model Target Generator.
    • Model Target Generator - For overlapping recognition ranges, a warning has been added to the Model Target Generator in case multiple Advanced Guide Views have been created that share the same target extent. This reduces database size and improves recognition speed.
    • ATG and MTG input/output paths - Localized input and output paths – in particular paths containing Chinese, Japanese or Korean Characters - are now supported in the Area Target Generator and the Model Target Generator.
    • Java language bindings for Android have been removed.
    The entire team at Vuforia is extremely excited about all the technology we’re building this year and we cannot wait to see the amazing games, experiences, and applications that our community is building!

    If you have an AR experience you’d like to share with us, please send any videos of your Vuforia Engine application to

    Thank you!
    The Vuforia Team
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.