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Games VRysio: Virtual reality physical therapy

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by GoesTo11, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. GoesTo11


    Jul 22, 2014
    This is the project that I have been working on over the past few years. It is called VRysio which is a combination of Virtual Reality and Physiotherapy (that’s Physical Therapy for those of you from the US). I have been dreaming of combining video games and physical exercise since I was a kid and combining rehabilitation with video games since I was in Physiotherapy school. The advent of virtual reality, motion controls and game engines such as Unity has allowed me to pursue this project and do all of the development myself.

    Needless to say, I’m not a software developer although I did all my biomechanics analysis for my Masters degree using scripts that I wrote in MATLAB. So, if anyone has any suggestions on how to make my project better, they would be greatly appreciated. I have written the underlying code to easily allow me to extract 3D biomechanics information to perform more advanced analysis (which I am planning on implementing in the future).

    The project as it stands now only scratches the surface of what is possible with VR and rehabilitation. I have a lot of great ideas in the works.

    My main focus in my day job has shifted away from treatment-based physiotherapy so it has been a little difficult getting my system into the clinic and testing it out. I have had the opportunity recently to use the system with a few of my clients and it is working really well. It is currently best suited for clients with neck and or shoulder injuries although I have also implemented balance testing and training (with Wii Balance board integration). It has reached the point where it is time to start marketing virtual reality treatments (I am located in greater Vancouver if anyone is interested). Ideally, I would like to sell the program itself in the future but it isn’t ready for that.

    Here is the project’s webpage: and my site:

    Here is a brief intro. The video is a little old. I have since added a few new environments: