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Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by TisZma, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. TisZma


    May 24, 2020

    Hello everybody.

    I’m sorry for my bad English (it’s not my 1st language, plus I m French so you know …). I am a big fan of surfing/skateboarding. So I decided to create a bmx game. I just started that project. I learn to do 3d modelling on YouTube watching some tutorial and I m recently learning coding in C# for Unity Engine. But I definitely need to know how to use the VR stuffs. For now, I’ m working by myself on it. I, for sure, need helps to develop this game. I already have around 30 ramps models and i'm making some maps.

    This year, few bmx game has been released: in which you can only go as fast as you can down the mountains, some have few ramps to make big jump over trees…

    I m a currently developing a video game on my own. It’s a BMX game. I m using Unity Engine Obviously, Hdrp, C#. So far for the content on my game, you can choose between different type of skateparks (like big ramps, bowls, and more street). You can do some tricks, plus there is a score system. Each ramp is fully customizable for the materials. I also made some theme for the different 4 seasons (summer, winter, autumn, spring). I want my game to be not too hard to do the various possibility of manoeuvres, so players will have more fun doing some epic tricks than actually trying to do a simple kickflip.

    Thanks for your attention. I hope you like it. You can follow my project on this website (in french) : SK8T_80 – A skateboard game ( (yeah I know, I emptied an old blog that I made for skimboard. So I kept some advantage and referencement on the net, and I m also developing a futuristic skateboard game).

    i will share a trailer soon !!!!

    I am recruiting too:
    - 3d designer
    - 2d designer
    - Coding for unity
    - VR stuffs
    - Sound and music
    - Animations
    - And everyone who want to participate
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2021