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Discussion VR and PC cross-play / interaction for Clinical / Hospital Environment

Discussion in 'VR' started by Richard_Roth, Dec 1, 2022.

  1. Richard_Roth


    Dec 29, 2014
    I'm working for a client who researches / develops VR environments for physical rehabilitation. A feature they would like me to implement is to have a clinician (observer / manager) on a PC monitoring a patient (player) undertaking rehabilitation tasks in the VR environment. The client would like the clinician to be able to set up the VR environment (set room boundaries, choose tasks, etc.), interact with the patient (in VR through the PC) and to get real-time data feedback from the VR headset and input systems. An additional limitation / restriction is that this system would be used in Hospitals where wifi networks are highly secured and there are tight restrictions on patient data transfer and data security. This means that a local multiplayer solution is a possibility, but a server based solution may not be.

    I'm a professional games developer currently freelancing, and to me this problem seemed immediately to be solved by a multiplayer environment with the clinician as a PC player and the patient as a VR player, sharing the same environment. This however, is perhaps overkill for the project and beyond the scope and need of the client and users.

    I was wondering if there were some experienced VR developers who could give me some other ideas or implementations that would be easier to implement or more suitable for this use-case. I'm also open to discussion or examples of where this problem was solved previously.

    If you can't discuss your work publicly, you can send me a private message.