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Other Visual Studio 2022 is generating unwanted .csproj files

Discussion in 'Code Editors & IDEs' started by yosefstudios, Jul 28, 2023.

  1. yosefstudios


    May 8, 2015
    Basically title. I think I misconfigured something while using VS Code a long time ago, and now that I'm opening the project with Visual Studio 2022, certain .csproj files are being generated, even though all options in the External Tools tab are unchecked. I've already deleted all .csproj and .snl files, but if I regenerate the project file, the .csproj files are added back again.

    The .csproj files that are being generated are from the Timeline samples assembly (Timeline.Samples.etc).

    I'm using Unity 2022.3.5, in a project that I initially began working on with Unity 2021.

    Am I missing something here?