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Question Video Reward Fill Rate 85%

Discussion in 'Unity Ads & User Acquisition' started by kenfalco, Feb 14, 2022.

  1. kenfalco


    Jul 18, 2012
    Hi, how can we do to increase the fill rate? We use video rewards. Many users of our app complain that they cannot see videos either occasionally or sometimes for days. Even if they try all day they fail.

    Thank you

  2. Unity_Jae


    Unity Technologies

    Aug 30, 2021
    Hello Gabriel,

    I don't have information about users of your app, but it might be region related issue. Some countries have a low fill rate because they might have smaller ad pools that won't always have ads available.

    In general, you are talking about a low fill rate. Fill rate shows the rate of available ads served divided by the number of ad requests. Unity Ads generally has a 95%+ fill rate, though several factors such as region and player base may mitigate this. This means, based on users' regions, it is possible that ads are might not be delivered. It doesn't mean that there are limits, but there are not enough ads pools.

    In this case, I recommend setting mediation to increase the fill rate. About the mediation partners, you could check the list at the following link.
    AdMob, Mopub, IronSource are well-known mediation partners and they have easy implementation processes with Unity.
    Or you could try our new Mediation SDK, Unity Mediation(Beta) to increase your fill rate.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.