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VFX lit particles in URP light interaction

Discussion in 'Visual Effect Graph' started by arvzg, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. arvzg


    Jun 28, 2009

    I've got a directional light with red colour pointing at some particles from a VFX. When viewing the particles from the direction where the light comes from, the particles are lit as expected.

    However if I swing the camera around to the other side:


    Now the particles are not red anymore. This kind of makes sense, but it's not what I'm after. For example, in HDRP, this behaves in the way I expect, where the particle is lighted the same from either direction, as if the light 'penetrates' the particle so the colour is the same. Is there any way to replicate this in URP?

    I am using Unity 2021.2.0b13, with URP 12 and VFX Graph 12. The VFX is using the Output Particle URP Lit Quad output node.