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VFX Graph, Random Rotation on Unlit Quads, Getting Tangents?

Discussion in 'Visual Effect Graph' started by Moferad, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. Moferad


    Dec 16, 2015
    Hi Unity team

    I'm testing some custom lighting methods on some quads and I'm trying to figure out why quad rotations are not properly being transformed


    I'm using a hlsl to grab the light direction vector and transforming it back to tangent space in order to drive some comparisons

    This is a combination of VFX Graph and ShaderGraph, and all using the Unlit Roots for both

    How am i to grab the particles tangent data?

    im on unity 2019.3.9f1

    I noticed there was an update to vfxgraph/shadergraph to help pass tangent data but not sure how to do this right now, is this something i need to do manually?
    • Fix some cases were normal/tangent were not passes as interpolants with shader graph
    • Make normals/tangents work in unlit output with shader graph