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Bug VFX Graph Issues

Discussion in 'Linux' started by nnra, Jan 18, 2024.

  1. nnra


    Feb 22, 2022
    Everything can easily be replicated in an empty project.
    Just having an enabled object with a Visual Effect component attached to it and selecting the VFX you wanna use causes a constant insane fps drop that makes everything unusable.
    This is completely fixed(other than a few warnings) by:
    Navigating to Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings -> Disabling Auto Graphics API for Linux -> Replacing OpenGLCore with Vulkan -> Saving and Restarting the editor
    This resolves fps issues in both the editor and the build.
    I should mention that I am on gentoo Hyprland which is known to have performance related issues but this seems like a Unity thing.
    I provided a few screenshots of the warnings I was getting, last one being the ones you get at build time with Vulkan.
    Thanks Mao from the Unity's Discord server for suggesting the fix.
    VulkanBuildWarnings.png Warnings1.png Warnings2.png Warnings3.png
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