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Discussion in 'FPS.Sample Game' started by AnanasStudios, May 31, 2021.

  1. AnanasStudios


    May 15, 2021
    When I try to quick start, the game window gives a white screen and the console writes these:
    Console ready
    0: GameDebug initialized. Logging to ./game_20210531_203035_914.log
    0: cmd: exec -s user.cfg
    0: cmd: exec -s boot.cfg
    0: FPS Sample initialized
    0: Build type: release
    0: BuildID: AutoBuild
    0: Cwd: C:\Users\gsutk\Documents\GitHub\FPSSample\AutoBuild
    0: SimpleBundleManager initialized
    0: LevelManager initialized
    0: InputSystem initialized
    0: Loaded game config
    ProcessCommandLineArguments: C:\Users\gsutk\Documents\GitHub\FPSSample\AutoBuild\AutoBuild.exe +preview Level_00 -batchmode -nographics
    0: cmd: preview Level_00
    >exec -s user.cfg
    >exec -s boot.cfg
    >preview Level_00
    1: Game loop PreviewGameLoop requested
    2: GameWorld World[PreviewGameLoop] initializing
    2: loading:AssetBundles/Level_00
    2: Loading Assets/TestArena/Scenes/Level_00_Main.unity
    2: +Loading Assets/TestArena/Scenes/Level_00_Gameplay.unity
    2: Switching state: null -> Loading
    2: Preview initialized
    8: Stripping code for Default (DevBuild)
    8: Stripping 0 game object(s) and 0 behavior(s)
    8: Scene Level_00 loaded
    9: Switching state: Loading -> Active
    10: Trying to store tick:2 but last buffer tick is:-1. Clearing buffer
    10: PreviewGameMode. Spawning as we have to char. Chartype:0
    10: Spawning 1P char and items
    10: Update tick invalid. Game tick:2 but current state is at tick:0

    Also there are many errors similar to 9: [WARN] Shader 'HDRenderPipeline/Lit' uses 17 texture parameters, more than the 16 supported by the current graphics device. but I deleted them at thread. Can any human being help me?

    Note: I did "All [force]"