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Vertical scrolling game based on Tetris

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by eyeversuseye, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. eyeversuseye


    Jun 26, 2017

    Long time listener, first time caller,

    I'm looking for links to resources, tutorials, documentation that will help me build this vertical scrolling game. I've done a bunch of digging around other peoples messages and forums, but I think it's about time I posted my own message and see what comes from it.

    Here's game in a nutshell:
    1. The camera is looking down with an Otho angle
    2. The ground in scrolling down the screen, you're walking towards the top of the screen. In essence, you're on a treadmill.
    3. As you walk/progress, shapes start entering the screen, like Tetris.
    4. You simply walk over to that shape, pick it up and take it 1 of 3 baskets on the left side of the screen.
    5. Repeat until end of level
    I think i'm looking for tutorials for an endless runner, but the game has more similarities to Tetris, but with the interaction.. And because of this, I'm lost for words on what to search for in order to gain the knowledge to build what I'm thinking.

    I'm coming from an Artistic background, I work with web development daily, so I think I'll be able to grasp the basics quick enough, I just need that finger pointing at the obvious!