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Bug Velocity doesn't blend properly when using motion node

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Nathanieljla, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. Nathanieljla


    Apr 18, 2014
    I have what I believe is a very simple bug to reproduce, which I created a bug report for, but support is pretty much saying "as designed/we have no other suggestions for you".

    I have two animations.
    • A run-Left and a run-Forward.
    • Both travel at 10 m/s
    Case 1 (works)
    • Using Unity's default humanoid, blend these to animations in a blendTree.
    • Run at 45 degrees. ie 50% blend of both animations.
    • Result == Character moves at 10 m/s after blending.
    Case 2 (bug/bad design)
    • Same setup at case 1, but in the animation import reference a motion node to define the velocity.
    • result == Character moves at 7.x m/s after blending
    • result == foot sliding and inconsistent character movement speed.
    It's obvious to me that the transform of the motion node is being linearly interpolated between the two animations. I believe this to be an edge case that's not properly handled in unity (hence the bug status) If an object is defined as a motion node for a character, then it's blending should be a special case to ensure the velocity is properly preserved when mixing animations.

    Yes, Unity Support, you have run out of suggestions for how I can fix this on my side, because I can't fix this on my side.

    I don't understand how this hasn't been brought up before/or hasn't been addressed. What am I missing?