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uSurvival Official Thread - Unity Multiplayer Survival Asset

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by vis2k, May 14, 2018.

  1. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    uSurvival - the new Unity Multiplayer Survival Asset from the creator of uMMORPG.
    (Asset Store) (WebGL) (Chat) (Documentation)

    All the architecture was designed with simplicity in mind. The code is as short and as simple as possible.

    2018-09-01 construction.png


    * You can kill Zombies with an Axe
    * Same Scripts for Client & Server
    * Friendly Discord Community
    * Uses Unity's new UI system
    * Zombies & AI
    * Secure: Server Authoritative
    * Players with Jump, Climb, Crouch, Run, Strafe Movement
    * Third & First Person
    * Health, Nutrition, Hydration
    * Axe, Pistol & Rifle Weapons
    * Hand to Hand combat (Punching)
    * Scriptable Items
    -> [ Fully customizable ]
    -> [ Supports ALL Item Types ]
    * Reloading & Progress Bar
    * Item Drops & Spawns
    * Hotbar
    * Networked Doors
    * Great Blood Splatter Effect
    * Free Look Camera Key
    * Retargetable Humanoid Animations via Mecanim
    * Beautiful 3D Models
    * Local, Whisper, Info Chat
    * Crafting
    * PvP
    * Death and Respawning
    * SQLite Database
    * Simple Account System
    * 5000 Lines of carefully crafted C# Code
    * Server Selection
    * Server can run on Linux in Headless mode
    * Configurable Server Tick Rate
    * Login, Character Selection & Creation
    * Start as Host/Client/Dedicated
    * Network Time Synchronization
    * Platform Independent
    * Free of Deadlocks & Race Conditions
    * Documentation with Tutorials

    • V1.0 [released 2018-06-05]
      • First release
    • V1.1 [released 2018-06-07]
      • Wall Boundary prefab collider changed to mesh collider for more detailed decal placement
      • Disabled item spawn log messages
      • NetworkTime.Update added to make sure that the client doesn't get out of sync
      • Chat.MessageInfo renamed to ChatMessage
      • Chat messages can now be clicked to reply
      • UIDragAndDropable: OnDragAndClear isn't called anymore if the slot is dragged onto itself
      • UIDragAndDropable: Button interactable set to false while dragging so that the item isn't used when dragged onto itself
      • Horizontal/Vertical input axes gravity increased so that the player responds faster when stopping movement
      • Animation controller: Blend Type changed to 2D Freeform Directional because that's the proper one for movement directions
      • Animation controller: added more walk/run/sprint motions for grounded blend tree. They simply play the same motion with different speeds for now, which already feels a lot better.
    • V1.2 [released 2018-06-15]
      • Combat.DealDamageAt health>0 check so dead zombies can't be shot anymore and RPCs aren't sent unnecessarily
      • Zombie collider disabled while dead so that it doesn't block movement or shots anymore
      • Interaction panel: removed content size fitter from ActionText
      • RecipeTemplate renamed to ScriptableRecipe for consistency with ScriptableItem
      • Fixed locked cursor still being visible on Windows
      • PlayerAnimation uses local player values for local player to avoid latency
    • V1.3 [released 2018-06-16]
      • Fixed first person hands/weapon clipping through walls by adding a WeaponCamera that only draws the NoDepthInFirstPerson layer without depth check; changed all weapons and volund hands/leather to the new layer
      • RangedWeaponItem: Raycast starts from head bone now to avoid shooting through walls. WeaponModel.MuzzleLocation not needed anymore.
      • PlayerMovement: climbing movement uses inputDir instead of horizontal/vertical input directly to make sure that diagonal movement is normalized
      • PlayerMovement.FixedUpdate always update even while dead, only ignores input while dead. Fixes a bug where a player would get stuck in the air if he died while jumping/falling
    • V1.4 [released 2018-06-18]
      • Player prefab IK body weight disabled and shoulders now have ShoulderLookAt component instead. Fixes issues where looking downwards would make the player bend over forward and be able to look through walls etc.
      • Player firstpersonclipping doesn't clip legs anymore so we can see them while running etc.
      • First person camera now follows the eyes, not the head bone (neck) so that it moves slightly forward when looking downward because of the head IK, so that we don't look into our own body anymore, but in front of it like in real life.
      • Camera Field of View increased. Feels a lot better in first person now.
      • Disabled Free Look in first person
      • Punching attack range decreased
      • Fixed camera looking through walls when standing close (min clip plane decreased)
    • V1.5 [released 2018-06-21]
      • PlayerHotbar.GetCurrentUsableItem that returns item or hands. Simplifies the rest of the code. RpcOnUsedItem only sends item hash now to reduce bandwidth (saves 4 bytes each time a weapon is fired etc.) and to make it more logical
      • Punching animation rotation fixed so the player punches directly forward again (thumbs still oddly rotated but can't fix atm)
      • ShoulderLookAt.Awake uses localRotation instead of rotation to fix a weapon rotation bug that happened if Editor ran as host and build ran as client
      • NoDepth drawing is limited to local player first person instead of just first person. Fixes a bug where players playing in first person would see nodepth drawings in other players, e.g. the hair ring in front of the face etc.
      • ZombieFSM: kiting protection disabled. Players can now dodge zombie attacks by running out of their attack range while they attack.
      • ZombieFSM.attackToMoveRangeRatio so that the zombie runs closer than attack range towards the target, so that it can still finish the attack even if the target moves backwards only a little bit
      • ZombieFSM.IsReachable: fixed top/bottom points calculations by using .extents instead of .size
      • ZombieFSM.IsReachable fixed: ignores own collider and compares hit.collider with other collider to see if anything is between us and target or not. Fixes several reachability bugs, like the one where we could crouch away from a monster without being reachable.
      • NetworkTransformRubberbanding, IKHandling, PlayerMovement channels set to StateUpdate with manual delay check before Cmds; added StateUpdate channel to NetworkManager. This way the Cmds aren't sent from client to server every Update (hence almost DDOS if people have fast computers). Reduces bandwidth from 25KB/s to 8KB/s on my slow computer.
    • V1.6 [released 2018-06-26]
      • NetworkTransformRubberbanding: start, goal, previousPosition are now public in case other components need it
      • PlayerMovement: MoveState enum type changed to byte instead of default int to save 3 bytes for each Cmd/SyncVar
      • IKHandling: only call CmdSetLookAt if lookAt position changed
      • PlayerMovement.CmdSetAnimData doesn't send velocity and jumpLeg anymore. PlayerAnimation guesses it based on NetworkTransform to save a lot of bandwidth
      • NetworkTransformRubberbanding sync rotation X/Y/Z component flags to save bandwidth. Volund only syncs Y rotation now.
      • PlayerMovement.Update: CmdSetAnimData is called while dead too now
      • Reverted usage of StateUpdate channel everywhere and removed it from NetworkManager channels. Caused bugs where other clients would be left in the air because clients wouldn't alwasy receive new SyncVar values
      • Disabled item use while free looking, so people don't fire into free look direction when clicking the mouse button while free looking
      • PlayerMovement: fixed NullReferenceException on server if client started climbing because server tried to initialize free look too
    • V1.7 [released 2018-07-01]
      • Upgraded to Unity 2017.4.6f1 LTS
      • Documentation updated (HLAPI CE, server hosting)
      • Chat info messages simplified
      • Inventory.Add tries to add to ALL existing stacks FIRST and THEN tries the EMPTY stacks instead of only looping once and adding to the first existing OR empty slot. Fixes a bug where an item would be added to slot0 even though slot1 had the same stack, only because slot0 was already empty.
      • Crafting probabilities
      • UI background/windows/foreground/login hints added in hierarchy
    • V1.8 [released 2018-07-02]
      • NetworkManager UnityVersionCheck version updated to 2017.4.6 too
      • UI Hotbar moved to foreground so items can be dragged from main UI to hotbar again
    • V1.9 [released 2018-07-04]
      • Item Use (Firing) Prediction
      • UsableItem.CanUse now returns Usability.Usable/Cooldown/Empty/Never instead of a simple bool. This way we can play the weapon's empty clicking sound only if it's really empty, not while only on cooldown etc.
      • AlsoSprachZarathrustra isn't played by default anymore
      • UsableItem.cooldown added and reused by weapon items instead of attackInterval in WeaponItem
      • Cooldown added to axe/stg44/beretta tooltips (as attack interval)
      • Damage added to axe tooltip
      • PlayerHotbar.CmdUseItem resets cooldown for all usable items now, instead of MeleeWeaponItem/RangedWeaponItem Use() resetting it themselves
      • PlayerHotbar.usageEndTime is not a SyncVar anymore and is set on server after usage and on client in RpcUsed call instead. Saves 4 bytes bandwidth each time and allows us to set it directly for local player in TryUseItem, which fixes issues where clients couldn't shoot as fast as the fire interval because the useEndTime took too long to be synced to the client. Also added a server message if usage was rejected, which might still happen if two usage packets arrive at the same time on the server, etc.
    • V1.10 [released 2018-07-05]
      • Fixed upper body climbing animation when climbing while holding a weapon
      • Axe zombie hit sound improved
      • Hydration increased to 2000 to make it less stressful
      • Fixed ground flickering where floor and ground overlapped
      • Item drops don't drop through walls anymore
      • Camera view block check only happens in third person now to save computations
      • Fixed Camera going through walls in third person when looking downwards
      • Added 'Doors' layer to camera view block layers so it doesn't go through doors in third person
    • V1.11 [released 2018-07-06]
      • PlayerLook component contains all camera logic now and syncs the lookDirection instead of IKHandling syncing the lookPosition. Saves bandwidth and greatly reduces complexity.
      • PlayerLook synced look direction is compressed from 12 into 2 bytes by converting it to a rotation and then compressing the X and Y angles into bytes
      • Utils.PackTwoFloatsIntoByte and unpack added
      • PlayerLook syncs free look state over the network, so that other player's arms don't follow the look direction while they are free looking
      • MeleeWeapon.SphereCastToLookAt: behindOrigin is now really behind us, not just in the opposite look direction, which caused bugs where we would try to cast the sphere from our feet when looking upwards, then the sphere would ignore the wall in front of us and we could hit zombies behind the wall
      • PlayerLook.LateUpdate: removed unnecessary 'newPosition' variables
      • PlayerLook.LateUpdate first person code simplified
      • PlayerLook offsets changed to Vector2. Z offsets shouldn't be allowed, otherwise people can look through walls by tilting their head forward (from looking downwards). Avoiding this in camera logic is way too complex otherwise. Also changed volund third person X offset so that the crosshair is slightly next to his head, to allow easier item pick up. This also allows for way easier view block raycast logic and fixes all kinds of weird issues like the camera sometimes going through the ceiling, etc. View blocking now always uses the exact line to the crosshair position, which feels perfect.
      • ZombieFSM.IsReachable moved to Utils
      • Interaction uses IsReachable, so that items can't be picked up through walls anymore. Checks happen on client(so that the interaction text isn't shown through walls) and on server, so that hackers can't pick items through walls without entering the building, etc.
    • V1.12 [released 2018-07-10]
      • Updated Documentation (added Networking Benchmark and Interaction system)
      • Utils.IsReachable Debug.DrawLines added
      • Interaction system redesigned.
        • Door/ItemDrop inherit from abstract Interactable now
        • Interactable.OnInteract function used by inheriting classes
        • Interaction.cs only has one CmdInteract command now and calls OnInteract if allowed
        • Interaction.cs only uses one Raycast into look direction instead of Utils.IsReachable now, fixes a bug where doors couldn't be opened again because they weren't detected as reachable
        • Interaction Raycast uses all Layers now so we can't pick things through walls, etc.
      • PlayerHotbar CmdUseItem gets usable item at index now, instead of at selection. Fixes a bug where potions/food couldn't be used from the hotbar anymore.
      • PlayerHotbar.OnUsed now fires UPPERBODY_USED trigger so we don't need the PlayerAnimation workaround to detect usage. Also only fires usage for weapons now, so that the axe attack animation isn't played if we use a potion from the hotbar while holding the axe.
    • V1.13 [released 2018-07-12]
      • Temperature + Heat Sources added (Barrel + Fire)
      • Hydration, Nutrition default recovery rates set to -1 instead of 1 in scripts
      • Main UI background RaycastTarget disabled to prepare for OnDragAndClear fix
      • UIDragAndDropable: OnDragAndClear is only fired when dropping a slot into nirvana, not when dropping it on a panel. Fixes issues where OnDragAndClear would be called if we'd drop something in the space between two item slots, etc. This just feels a lot more solid.
      • PlayerHotbar.OnDragAndClear added so items can be dragged out of their hotbar slots to drop them to the ground
      • Beretta92, Stg44 scriptable items: fixed bullet decal assignment being the mesh instead of the prefab. Fixes a bug where bullet decals wouldn't disappear after 10s.
      • BulletDecal prefab: removed MeshCollider from Mesh child to make sure that bullet decals never interfere with Player's Physics (e.g. getting stuck on bullet decals in the air)
      • RangedWeaponItem: BulletDecal is now parented to the collider that we hit to make sure that they stick on Doors and other moving objects
      • Sliding door BoxCollider replaced with detailed MeshCollider to improve decal positioning on doors.
      • Utils.IsReachable renamed to IsReachableVertically because that's what it really checks
      • Energy.Recover code simplified
      • Player Prefab Nutrition, Hydration overflowInto cleared because recovery rate is negative and it will never overflow
      • Energy.recovery bool SyncVar removed because it wasn't used anymore and would require unnecessary bandwidth
      • Energy.recoveryTickRate added for cases where we don't want 1/s frequency; Energy.recoveryRate renamed to recoveryPerTick to make it more obvious
    • V1.14 [released 2018-07-15]
      • NetworkTransformRubberbanding.RpcForcePosition reuses SetPositionAndRotation for consistency and to make sure that all 'set position' code is in one place
      • NetworkTransformRubberbanding: 'fake move' CharacterController after each change so that controller.isGrounded etc. are available on other clients/server too without having to sync those flags manually
      • PlayerMovement doesn't sync controller.isGrounded anymore since that's not needed after NetworkTransformRubberbanding 'fake move' of controller. Saves 1 byte per observer and per Cmd.
      • PlayerMovement.state is now synced via OnSerialize/OnDeserialize without an extra animState SyncVar. Also fixes capsule not being resized for other players when crouching because it checked the unsynchronized .state before.
      • NetworkTransformRubberbanding.EstimateVelocity() added and PlayerAnimation.GetVelocity simplified
      • PlayerMovement.velocity that returns controller velocity or NetworkTransformRubberbanding estimated velocity; used in PlayerAnimation to simplify code
      • PlayerMovement.Update/FixedUpdate rewritten from scratch, uses clean state machine code now; removed jumpRequested and stickToGroundForce; added MoveState.IDLE and MoveState.RUNNING for consistency.
    • V1.15 [released 2018-07-16]
      • Upgraded to Unity 2017.4.7 LTS
      • PlayerMovement.Update SetDirtyBit uses uint instead of ulong for compatibility with original HLAPI
    • V1.16 [released 2018-07-17]
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.OnServerCharacterCreate fills all components of type Energy when creating a player now
      • Endurance energy added
    • V1.17 [released 2018-07-24]
      • Energy send interval changed from 100ms to 500ms because it usually only changes once per second anyway, 500ms is still enough in case of damage etc.
      • PlayerRespawning send interval changed from 100ms to 1s because respawn time just doesn't change that often
      • NetworkTransformRubberbanding, PlayerLook, PlayerMovement send intervals changed from 50ms to 100ms because that's enough
      • UILogin.registerButton not interactable while connecting anymore
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.state added so that Login/CharacterCreation/CharacterSelection UIs know when to be visible. Fixes a bug where character selection would be shown while server closed and disconnect wasn't detected yet.
      • UILogin status shows 'Handshake' now too
      • UILogin status text position fixed
      • Dark UI
      • Energy icons
      • UI Hud is not shown during login anymore
      • PlayerLook.OnNetworkDestroy releases camera to fix a bug where there would be no more camera after the server died and the client's player was destroyed
      • PlayerLook.LateUpdate: don't zoom while cursor over a UI
      • UI temperature decimal digits configurable (reduced from 2 to 1 so that they don't overlap with the status panel temperature icon)
    • V1.18 [released 2018-08-24]
      • Login UI quit button now calls NetworkManagerSurvival.Quit so it works in the editor too
      • PlayerMeta.nextRiskyActionTime [SyncVar] removed because it wasn't used anymore
      • UIDragAndDropable: added origin.dragable check to fix a bug where undragable items could still be dragged to the Hotbar because Unity called OnDrop even if our object's dragable was set to false
      • NetworkNavMeshAgent send interval changed from 0 to 100ms so it doesn't ddos the server with the latest HLAPI CE fixes where sendInterval actually works
      • NetworkNavMeshAgent reimplemented: huge bandwidth reduction because click movement only syncs when destination changed now, not while velocity changes (all the time previously). Also fixes several twitches for wasd moving clients. Added perfect warp detection + Rpc now too.
      • Removed channel tags to prepare for new networking. Removed unreliable channel from NetworkManager so it only uses one ReliableFragmented channel for everything now.
      • NetworkTransformRubberbanding: interpolation points are reset after a force position change. Fixes a bug where other clients would slide to the respawn position after respawning
    • V1.19 [released 2018-08-29]
      • Changed Networking from UNET to Mirror. Watch the manual upgrade guide if you are updating your custom project from V1.18 to V1.19.
      • Fixed 'ClientScene::AddPlayer: playerControllerId of 0 already in use.' bug when pressing character selection select button too fast while on low fps or high latency. The button is now disabled after pressing select.
      • Documentation updated
    • V1.20 [released 2018-09-02]
      • Mirror updated to latest version
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.OnServerDisconnect: removed the old workaround to avoid error message on disconnect because it was fixed in latest Mirror version now
      • Removed redundant WeaponItem check because all WeaponItems are UsableItems
      • UsableItem.useDirectly option instead of UIHotbar check that always selects weapons and always uses other usable items directly.
    • V1.21 [released 2018-09-03]
      • Build System
      • PlayerLook.headPosition added to simplify code
      • Added missing 'cast / receive shadows' properties on some prefabs
    • V1.22 [released 2018-09-11]
      • Mirror updated to latest version (NetworkManager shows max connections again)
      • PlayerHotbar.TryUseItem: disabled debug.drawline because it used camera.main, which is very slow
      • Ranged Weapon zoom
      • Item Durability
      • Documentation updated
      • Fall damage
      • Damage Areas (Player and Zombie head shots cause more damage now)
      • Crouch Key changed to C
      • Crouching state is now toggled when pressing C, instead of having to hold the key down. This is better because laying down will work the same way later, instead of holding a laying-down key
      • Removed MinimapTexture because it was never used
      • UI Equipment Avatar
      • Battle Royale Addon
      • Crawling; Moved Volund CapsuleCollider to hips so it follows crouch/crawling animations properly; increased Volund CharacterController radius so monster doesn't slide to him now that this is the main collider; Replaced fence mesh collider with a more generous box collider so player still fits through the entry.
      • PlayerMovement.OnTriggerExit: set state to IDLE
      • Swimming & Water
    • V1.23 [released 2018-09-12]
      • Mirror updated to latest version (WebGL host mode fix)
      • Swimming idle animation speed set to 0.5 for a better feel
      • PlayerLook.LookRotation: removed unnecessary 'camera' parameter
      • RangedWeapon recoil
      • Build System: available rotations have positionOffset field, which is sometimes needed for different grid resolutions
      • Documentation updated
    • V1.24 [released 2018-09-18]
      • Harvesting
      • Storage
      • Structures are now destroyable
      • Structures don't need a preview prefab anymore
      • Structures are now saved to the database
      • Updated Mirror
      • Smaller improvements
    • V1.25 [released 2018-09-19]
      • Falling Tree position is now reset when respawning
      • Trees now have NetworkTransform component to fix sync issues
      • Storage prefab renamed
      • Storage NetworkProximityChecker update interval set to 5
      • Tree NetworkProximityChecker update interval set to 5
    • V1.26 [released 2018-10-20]
      • Updated Mirror & Telepathy
      • Upgraded to Unity 2017.4.13 LTS
      • Database.LoadInventory/LoadEquipment/LoadHotbar: added warnings in case items can't be loaded because they were deleted or aren't in the resources folder
      • Removed unused Item.cs SyncListItem definition
      • access now throws are useful error message if the item with that hash was never loaded
      • NavMeshAgent.ResetMovement() extension to properly clear path AND velocity to fix FSM issues
      • Removed NetworkTime component. Use Mirror's NetworkTime instead
      • Latency indicator
      • Removed deprecated GUI Layer from Main Camera
      • Utils.ClosestDistance uses ClosestPoint and returns 0 for intersections.
      • collider.ClosestPointOnBounds replaced with Collider.ClosestPoint everywhere for improved accuracy. Also reduced all normal attack skill ranges a bit to adjust for it.
    • V1.27 [released 2018-11-20]
      • Interaction Raycasts fixed. Own animations don't block them anymore.
      • Climbing direction is now relative to ladder rotation, so it works for rotated ladders too
      • UIEquipmentSlot overlays raycast targets disabled so drag and drop is easier
      • Unity Essentials/Blacksmith/Features removed
      • Fixed application identifier
    • V1.28 [released 2018-11-27]
      • Removed unused assets in project
      • ScriptableRecipe var replaced with actual type
      • Documentation updated (Script Events added)
      • PlayerStorageCommands renamed to PlayerStorageUsage for consistency
      • WeaponModel renamed to WeaponDetails so it's more obvious
      • Fixed ground panel flickering by moving one of the ground elements a bit higher
      • UIProgressBar code simplified
      • Utils.Raycast/Linecast/SpherecastWithout layerMask parameter added
      • Standing in shallow water instead of swimming as soon as we touch water
      • Climbing fixed: climb-exit is now checked via !Intersects instead of OnTriggerExit; rotation is now also reset when exiting rotated ladders
      • UIChat.singleton to avoid FindObjectOfType calls
    • V1.29 [released 2018-12-25]
      • PlayerMeta.localPlayer added to replace Utils.ClientLocalPlayer() function. This is easier to use.
      • Upgraded to Unity 2017.4.17 LTS
      • Mirror updated to latest version (huge performance improvements)
      • Player UI windows are now hidden after disconnecting
      • NetworkNavMeshAgent: fixed dead monster sliding on clients if monster died while running
    • V1.30 [released 2018-12-31]
      • Removed unused OnDeathDestroy script
      • ItemDropSpawner.netIdentity field removed because it's in NetworkBehaviour now
      • Converted SendMessage events to UnityEvents for 500-1000x performance improvement when calling events
      • Combat: removed unused invincible variable
      • Documentation updated
      • Fixed EnduranceBar tooltip
      • PlayerLook simplified. No more strange LookRotation / LookRotationChangeBy functions that do all kinds of weird things like store rotations for both character and freeLookParent in one variable. Character/freeLookParent/Camera rotations are set directly now and LateUpdate clamps camera rotation in all cases.
    • V1.31 [released 2019-01-03]
      • Mirror updated to latest version (RPC hashing, SyncInterval)
      • Fixed PlayerLook rotating camera while moving mouse in UI
    • V1.32 [released 2019-01-10]
      • PlayerMovement: removed unused capsule field
      • ShoulderLookAt renamed to ShouldersLookAt and placed on root GameObject for easier configuration. No need to put the component onto each shoulder anymore.
      • ShouldersLookAt rotation code simplified. Always uses initial position now, and calculates LookAt result manually
      • ShouldersLookAt rotation offset added in case it's needed. And improved comment.
      • PlayerEquipment: removed unused ik field
      • PlayerEquipment.rightHandLocation renamed to WeaponMount to make it more obvious that this should be an empty GameObject somewhere
      • PlayerEquipment weaponMount childCount check added to Awake, just to be sure.
      • Documentation updated (player modification tutorial)
      • Mirror updated to 1076
    • V1.33 [released 2019-01-19]
      • Mirror updated to latest version. Endless list of fixes and improvements and source drop in. Upgrade info: drag all your networked prefabs into the scene, go to Inspector debug view, replace the missing NetworkIdentity/NetworkProximityChecker/NetworkTransform components. Also replace Respawn's NetworkStartPosition. Mirror is now a source drop in, so we will never have to do component replacements again.
      • Fixed missing component on structures by adding OnDeathDestroy again
      • NetworkManagerSurvival: removed auto start if headless because Mirror's NetworkManager takes care of it now
    • V1.34 [released 2019-01-28]
      • PlayerHotabar: only set usageEndTime for local player
      • Fix clients being affected by other client's recoil
      • Mirror updated to latest version (weaver as DLL again to fix first time import issues)
      • NetworkProximityGridChecker: 30x performance increase when checking 1000 monsters and almost half GC
      • Upgrade to Unity 2018.2.20f1
      • Change .NET version to 4.X to fix a bug where a build client would often freeze while sending/receiving over the network. Reproduceable on OSX + macbook pro + editor=server, client=build, after 3-15 minutes.
      • Fix shoulder look at for other players
    • V1.35 [released 2019-02-01]
      • Mirror updated to latest version
      • ShouldersLookAt rotation fix
    • V1.36 [released 2019-02-01]
      • PlayerAnimation: remove unused netTransform field
      • PlayerAnimation: fix other players briefly showing jump animation when moving over small obstacles
      • PlayerAnimation: removed unused lastPosition and lastVelocity
      • Fix camera being destroyed after disconnect
    • V1.37 [released 2019-02-02]
      • Fixed Zombie/Tree OnDeathRespawn component's missing proximity checker fields for all the prefabs and objects in scene.
    • V1.38 [released 2019-02-19]
      • Crossbow & Projectile system
    • V1.39 [released 2019-02-21]
      • Documentation updated (monster creation video)
      • Mirror updated to latest version (server tick rate etc.)
      • Chat renamed to PlayerChat because it's a player component
      • PlayerChat.CmdMsgWhisper: use TryGetValue for maximum performance
      • NetworkNavMeshAgent.OnDeserialize warning message fixed
      • Grid: remove HashSet at position if empty so we don't keep them in memory forever.
      • NetworkProximityGridChecker.OnDestroy: remove no matter what
      • Fix crossbow item tooltip
      • Arrow layer changed to 'Projectile' so it actually hits the monster's body too (physics matrix ignores default<->monster layers, so it would only hit it in the head because the head uses a DamageArea layer)
      • NetworkManagerSurvival: removed tick rate setting because Mirror handles it now
      • Utils: remove unused functions, improve syntax
      • Utils.IsNullOrWhiteSpace removed, NET 4.5 has string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace now.
    • V1.40 [released 2019-01-03]
      • Upgraded to Unity 2018.3.6 to prepare for LTS, and to avoid 2018.2 memory leak bug (
      • Player, Zombie, Arrow rigidbody collision detection changed to 'Continous Speculative' to avoid 2018.3.6 warning
      • PlayerAnimation: apply to all animators to properly animated skinned mesh equipment
      • PlayerHotbar: call UPPERBODY_USED trigger in all animators to work with skinned meshes too
    • V1.41 [released 2019-03-17]
      • Mirror updated to latest version (sceneID fix, Websockets, source based Weaver)
      • removd message ids
      • fixed missing NetworkIdentity component in battle royale sphere
      • FSM._state and .state merged into one variable
      • Net 4.X syntax for Item.cs getters
      • Database.ExecuteReader: add comment on why we keep the current solution
      • NetworkManager.OnClientReceivePopup renamed to OnClientError
      • NetworkManager.ClientSendPopup renamed to ServerSendError
      • CharacterDeleteMessages inherits from IntegerMessage to simplify code
      • Use nameof(function) for Invoke/InvokeRepeating. also fixes a bug where NetworkManagerSurvival.OnStopServer would try to cancel the wrong save function
      • UI singletons: only assign once to fix Network Zone errors where UI elements would refer the destroyed panels instead of the ones in DontDestroyOnLoad
      • NetworkNavMeshAgent: add agent.ResetPath detection. it only works right now because agent.velocity is != 0 after resetting the path for some reason
    • V1.42 [released 2019-04-09]
      • Mirror updated to latest version (lots of fixes and improvements)
      • Use SyncList<struct> instead of SyncListSTRUCT everywhere
      • NetworkProximityGridChecker: playerController != null check not needed anymore
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.OnServerAddPlayer: null check message.value bytes
      • UILogin: disabled host, dedicated buttons if webgl because webgl can't start a server
      • PlayerChat: local chat uses [ClientRpc] instead of sending a [TargetRpc] to each observer manually
      • [TargetRPC] NetworkConnection parameter removed everywhere because it's optional now
      • Grid renamed to Grid2D to avoid Unity 'Grid class already exists' warning
      • NavmeshPathGizmo renamed to NavMeshPathGizmo
      • Fixed NavMeshPathGizmo NullReferenceExeption after rebuilding scripts sometimes
      • Change enum types to byte to minimize bandwidth
      • Zombie.startPosition is now set in Start instead of Awake, because that's what Start is for. Fixes a bug where runtime spawned monsters weren't respawning properly.
      • Fixed UI Chat activating during WASD movement because the scrollbar Navigation setting was set to Automatic, also enabling keyboard navigation. Setting it to None disables it and fixes the bug.
      • Player default inventory items are now configurable with amount by using ScriptableItemAndAmount type
      • PlayerInventory.CmdSwapInventoryEquip moved into separate SwapInventoryEquip function that can also be used on the server
      • EquipmentItem.Use reuses PlayerEquipment.SwapInventoryEquip function for proper validation and proper health > 0 checks etc.
      • PlayerEquipment default item reuses ScriptableItemAndAmount. Make sure to reassign your player prefab's default equipment items and amounts when upgrading.
      • UI Confirmation window, used in UICharacterSelection to delete characters with less risk for accidental clicks.
      • Database: field is created with COLLATE NOCASE so that CharacterExists is case insensitive and we can't create both 'Volund' and 'volund' characters.
    • V1.43 [released 2019-04-10]
      • NetworkManagerSurvival: password salt is now configurable in the Inspector
      • Chat: use different text prefabs for different channels. This way the color, font type, background, etc. can be different for different channels.
      • PlayerChat: ChatMessage class converted to struct to avoid GC
      • Database converted to MonoBehaviour component that is added to the NetworkManager. This allows for future abstract Database type with different implementations like MYSQL. It also allows us to customize properties in the Inspector (like Database file name) and to make use of MonoBehaviour functions like Update. MAKE SURE TO MODIFY DATABASE ADDON HOOK FUNCTIONS TO NOT BE STATIC ANYMORE WHEN UPGRADING.
      • Database: add index on 'account' for 'characters.account' to avoid full scans when loading characters in CharactersForAccount function
      • Database: online string code moved into separate function
      • Database: field is set immediately after joining the world already. Otherwise it would only be set after the next CharacterSave call, which could easily take another 5-10 minutes.
      • Database: accounts.created DATETIME added for statistics
      • Database.IsValidAccount improved and renamed to TryLogin
      • Database: is now an INTEGER (0 or 1), and characters.lastsaved DATETIME added. This is more cleaner than writing the datetime as string only while online, and allows for lastsaved time checks even while offline.
      • Documentation updated (recommended version)
      • NetworkProximityGridChecker: force hidden doesn't need to add own connection anymore after latest Mirror change
      • Use out variable inline declarations
      • List.FindDuplicates extension added
      • ScriptableItem/Recipe: check for duplicates when loading from resources. This allows us to use subfolders safely.
      • Moved resources skills into subfolders
      • Mirror reverted to the version before the Asset Store import bug
    • V1.44 [released 2019-04-18]
      • UIPopup singleton added
      • UI Crafting: show amount overlays in slots
      • Crafting with ingredient amounts. Make sure to reassign all recipe ingredients with their amount.
      • Combat.lastCombatTime added
      • Combat Disconnect delay prevents players from fleeing combat by disconnecting immediately. Player.allowedLogoutTime + remainingLogoutTime based on lastCombatTime added. NetworkManager only logs out the player after that time. UI quit button shows tooltip on clients too.
      • Mirror updated to latest version (Weaver Unity.Cecil replaced with Cecil, Stack Overflow fix, OnDeserialize GC removed)
      • UI: move latency to background so it doesn't show when hovering the quit button
      • Fix player gravity calculation causing too rapid falls from edges and too much fall damage too early
      • Only use y direction for fall magnitude. Fixes a bug where fall damage would be applied when jumping into a wall horizontally.
      • default fall damage reduced from 15 to 13 to match building height
      • Combat.RpcOnDamageReceived renamed to RpcOnReceivedDamage for consistency
      • Combat.onReceivedDamage event renamed to onReceivedDamageServer because it's a server event
      • Combat.onClientReceivedDamage added in case it's needed by addons or other components
      • Construction component renamed to PlayerConstruction because it's a player component
      • Crafting renamed to PlayerCrafting because it's a player component
      • Database.CharactersForAccount simplified
      • DropRandomItemsOnDeath: simplified code
      • FirstPersonClipping: remove unused DisableWeaponDepthCheck field
      • FSM: remove unused functions
      • FSM component renamed to FiniteStateMachine for ease of use. Reassign the ZombieAnimation component's Fsm field if necessary.
      • PlayerMeta.localPlayer simplified: points to ClientScene.localPlayer.gameObject now
      • PlayerMeta: Destroy simplified
      • PlayerMeta component renamed to Player for ease of use
      • BattleRoyaleSphere: simplify code
      • ZombieFSM component renamed to Zombie for ease of use
      • Hydration: simplified code
      • IKHandling: added OnAnimatorIK parameter for consistency with Unity's function
      • Interaction renamed to PlayerInteraction because it's a player component
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.IsConnecting syntax improved
      • Extensions.FindIndex isn't needed anymore, it's in Mirror now
      • Storage.OnDestroy simplified
      • Structure component added to PaletteStructure in order to keep track of all structures at runtime
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.Save uses Structure.structures instead of FindObjectsWithTag to greatly improve saving performance
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.Save: avoid expensive .ToList calls by passing the IEnumerable to Database
      • NetworkManagerSurvival: use public override for OnApplicationQuit and OnValidate
      • Utils.Raycast/Linecast/SpherecastWithout: huge performance improvements by caching the backups dictionary
    • V1.45 [released 2019-04-23]
      • NetworkTransformRubberbanding: removed 'Some' compression level for consistency with Mirror's NetworkTransform
      • Utils Float packing functions removed. Use Mirror's built in FloatBytePacker instead.
      • PlayerAnimation: use left jump leg by default, instead of using no jump leg
      • Mirror updated to latest version (2019 support)
    • V1.46 [released 2019-04-24]
      • Mirror updated to latest version (server-only movement fix)
    • V1.47 [released 2019-04-27]
      • New Movement synchronization: works perfectly smooth now, even while jumping
      • Server interpolates movement now too, this way it's easier to hit players that are running. Previously they would do warps between positions.
      • PlayerMovement: DEAD state to fix being able to jump while dead
    • V1.48 [released 2019-05-02]
      • Volund charactercontroller radius decreased to 0.2 to fit better
      • Logo file updated. Doesn't show UNET anymore.
      • Volund prefab Endurance component: fix second drain state using CRAWLING instead of JUMPING. now jumping reduces endurance again.
      • Fix poster flickering by moving it further out of the wall
      • PlayerMovement: JUMPING state renamed to AIRBORNE so it can be used for falling too
      • PlayerMovement: EventFalling is checked from all states, and EventLanded is only checked in AIRBORNE state. Fixes issues where the landing sound and falling animation were played when walking down tiny cliffs like stairs. Also fixes a bug where the falling animation wouldn't be shown for other players unless they jumped (not if they just well).
      • PlayerMovement: scale CharacterController collider at runtime to fix a bug where someone could fire above a crawling player and still hit him, because the CharacterController collider was still in standing pose.
      • PlayerMovement.Update: remove old code SetDirtyBit code. NetworkTransformRubberbanding does that now. This way we don't always set self to dirty if not idle.
      • Volund prefab: set Heartbeat AudioSource default volume to 0 so we don't hear a loud heartbeat sound upon joining the game
    • V1.49 [released 2019-05-14]
      • New character controller to fix all kinds of movement bugs
      • Sliding
      • Fixed fall damage not being applied to clients when in host mode
      • Upgrade to Unity 2018.4.0 LTS
    • V1.50 [released 2019-05-22]
      • Fixed floating boxes
      • Fixed flickering poster
      • Idle turn animation
      • PlayerAnimation dampening for Direction, and Dampening is configurable in the Inspector now. Makes Idle->Walk transition look a lot more smooth
      • Movement acceleration/deceleration for a less rapid, smoother feeling
      • Reduce footstep/landing sounds volume by -5dB
      • Rotation via QE keys while walking so the player can be rotated without the mouse, only with the keyboard. This makes it more fun sometimes.
      • Database.OnApplicationQuit closes the connection to prevent locking.
    • V1.51 [released 2019-05-27]
      • Disabled climbing acceleration for a better feeling
      • Set jumping max speed when starting to jump so players can't press the shift key to suddenly jump faster while in the air
      • Jog backward Animation
      • Landing Roll Animation
      • Mirror updated to latest version
      • Move CharacterController in FixedUpdate instead of Update. Fixes a bug where movement speed would be significantly slower in builds. Fixes rapid twitching when sliding down some slides.
      • NetworkTransformRubberbanding uses FixedUpdate too, just to be sure
      • isGroundedWithinTolerance uses networked velocity
    • V1.52 [released 2019-06-05]
      • New FixedUpdate based movement synchronization with Rubberbanding
      • Removed NetworkTransformRubberbanding component
      • Downgraded to Unity 2018.3.6 to avoid linux UI StackOverflowException bug
      • PlayerMovement: if not localplayer then adjust collider before moving, not after
      • PlayerMovement.OnTriggerExit: add ClientCallback for consistency with OnTriggerEnter
      • Remove pool door to avoid unrealistic edge cases when starting/stopping swimming
    • V1.53 [released 2019-06-11]
      • Adjusted water collider so it doesn't go through the wall
      • Save and load y rotation too for a better feeling between sessions. it feels too strange when spawning while looking into the wrong direction. Make sure to delete the old database file when upgrading manually.
      • Set crawling to grounded transition to fixed duration for a smoother transition. otherwise it's too instant because the crawling idle animation is only 1 frame long.
      • Mirror updated to latest version (forceHidden fix etc.)
      • Replace Skinned Mesh Equipment bones if possible in order to follow IK if needed
    • V1.54 [released 2019-06-14]
      • Added Gizmo to respawn point
      • Respawn point moved into the compound
      • Added more zombies around the compound
      • Fix door not opening in server-only mode because the animation wasn't played
      • Rebaked navmesh after pool modification so zombies can't walk through the wall anymore
      • Make RangedWeaponItem Raycast layers configurable and remove Water, UI from them to fix a bug where bullets wouldn't go through a water surface.
      • Set server tick rate to 50Hz, which is common for fast paced / shooter servers.
    • V1.55 [released 2019-06-23]
      • Fix fall damage on clients sometimes not being applied because we calculated it AFTER calling controller.move on the server, even though we call it BEFORE controller.move for the local player.
      • PlayerMovement.OnGUI: add more debug info
      • OpenCharacterController: GroundedTestDistance made configurable
      • OpenCharacterController: groundedTestDistance default value set to 0.002 and added comment. Fixes a bug where fall controller.isGrounded would constantly switch between true/false while standing on the Floor BoxCollider, even though it works fine with MeshColliders.
      • Zombie prefab attack range reduced from 3 to 2 for a more realistic value
      • Utils.IsReachableVertically adjusts head distance checks by size/2 for a more realistic reachability. Fixes a bug where a zombie could attack a player standing on the battle bus.
      • PlayerMovement.EventLadderEnter added so that OnTriggerEnter doesn't start it no matter what. Instead the state machine takes care of it as it should. Fixes a bug where the collider wouldn't be reset when going from crawling/crouching to climbing. Also allows for underwater climbing now.
      • PlayerMovement: don't decelerate with run speed when starting to crawl while running. limit speed to the state's max speed. feels better for the gameplay, and allows for easier speedhack protection later on if we can always assume a max speed for a state.
    • V1.56 [released 2019-06-24]
      • Fix hidden objects still showing because NetworkProximityGridChecker used to return false instead of true when forceHidden
      • PlayerMovement: .collider replaced with .controllerCollider, which is not affected by animations
      • Player animation controller: disabled HasExitTime for swim state exit transition. Fixes a bug where the swim animation would sometimes be played for way too long even after standing on the ground already.
      • Adjusted water exit plane
      • PlayerMovement.OnGUI: wider area so that lastFall fits in one line
      • Player prefab: underwater threshold set to 0.9 for a better feeling
    • V1.57 [released 2019-06-28]
      • Mirror updated to latest version (reduced allocations, several fixes)
      • Zombie MOVING state: if target is unreachable then stop movement before going back to IDLE. Fixes a bug where the zombie would be sliding to players sometimes.
      • Zombie ATTACKING state: go directly to MOVING if target is too far away. It's more robust this way and avoids one unnecessary transition to IDLE.
      • Utils.IsReachableVertically: originTop reuses originCenter for consistency with otherCenter calculation
      • Zombie collider field replaced with mainCollider, and added a CapsuleCollider (trigger) to the main Zombie prefab. This is easier to work with for distance calculations like attack range.
      • Zombie/Player: target collider is now found via GetComponent instead of GetComponentInChildren because all entities have main colliders now (instead of only having animated hip colliders)
      • Utils.IsReachableVertically: color code the DrawLine calls for significantly(!) easier debugging. Now what we see has meaning.
      • Utils.IsReachableVertically factors in the collider size via ClosestPoint to fix a bug where it would return false even though it was reachable, simply because the maxDistance wasn't enough to include both colliders in it since we previously calculated from center to center.
      • Zombie.EventTargetUnreachable: consider attack range too to fix a bug where a zombie considers a player unreachable if he is out of attack range due to the latest maxDistance parameter in IsReachable.
      • Zombie attack speed and animation speed doubled
      • Zombie: remove EventTargetUnreachable. Always run as close to target as possible instead and only attack once we are in attack range and if reachable. Fixes a bug where a zombie wouldn't stand idly if a player is behind a corner, only to follow it and stand idly again if the player moved out of attack range.
      • Zombie IDLE/ATTACKING states: don't go to MOVING while the path is pending. Fixes a bug where the zombie would constantly switch between IDLE->MOVING->IDLE->... if the target is behind a wall with no path to it, which would cause strange behavior and constant state resync.
      • Utils.IsPointInScreen helper function added
      • PlayerMovement.OnGUI: only show debug info if in screen. Fixes a bug where debug guis would be shown in wrong places.
      • PlayerMovement.OnGUI: improved debug gui color readability
      • PlayerMovement.OnGUI: only show lastFall.y
      • Zombie.OnGUI: added visual debug info too.
      • debugVisibilityCurves to fade debug GUI in and out and only display if any alpha to avoid computations.
      • Volund body part colliders (as trigger). Make sure to add trigger colliders to the body parts when updating manually.
      • Zombie body part colliders (as trigger). Make sure to add trigger colliders to the body parts when updating manually.
      • Zombie main collider/gameobject set to IgnoreRaycast layer, while child objects all have Zombie layer so that body parts are getting hit properly, and main collider is only used for movement.
      • Player main collider/gameobject set to IgnoreRaycast layer, while child objects all have Player layer so that body parts are getting hit properly, and main collider is only used for movement.
      • Utils.IsReachableVertically: check 'if nothing is inbetween' instead of checking 'if linecast hits other collider'. This way it works for IgnoreRaycast main colliders again. This is also faster because we only linecast if within distance. Also fixes a bug where zombies previously would be able to attack the player through the fence.
      • Utils.IsReachableVertically uses Physics.Linecast directly now. This is possible because the zombie/player main colliders are on IgnoreRaycast layers and the body parts are triggers, so we can simply ignore triggers while casting. This makes zombie IsReachable checks SIGNIFICANTLY faster and fixes a performance regression where the server would completely slow down if one zombie constantly does IsReachable checks between two aggro players.
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.showDebugGUI option added
      • Documentation updated (character creation updated to use body parts etc.)
      • Health component: avoid Sum to fix performance regression and GC
      • Endurance component: avoid Linq to fix performance regression and GC
      • Hydration component: avoid Linq to fix performance regression and GC
      • Nutrition component: avoid Linq to fix performance regression and GC
      • Temperature component: avoid Linq to fix performance regression and GC
      • Equipment.GetItemIndexByName: avoid Linq
      • Equipment bonus: avoid Linq
    • V1.58 [released 2019-07-03]
      • Zombie AggroArea layer changed to new AggroArea layer that only collides with the Player layer. Improves performance because previously the AggroArea would collide with anything.
      • PlayerLook.raycastLayers LayerMask added and used in PlayerLook.lookPositionRaycasted. This way we can exclude the AggroArea layer and not raycast against it when doing melee hits etc.
      • RangedWeaponItem.raycastLayers removed. It uses PlayerLook.raycastLayers instead. This is overall more consistent and avoids having to configure each weapon's raycast layers separately.
      • PlayerInteraction uses PlayerLook.raycastLayers for consistency. This way items can be picked through AggroAreas too.
      • MeleeWeaponItem uses PlayerLook.raycastLayers for consistency. This way melee weapons can hit through the AggroArea too.
      • Build system (StructureItem, PlayerConstruction) use Look.raycastLayers for consistency. This way structures can be built within AggroAreas too.
      • Zombie.allowKiting option
    • V1.59 [released 2019-07-09]
      • Combat: avoid Linq for performance and to reduce GC
      • CursorLocking: avoid Linq
      • Inventory: avoid Linq
      • NetworkManagerSurvival: avoid Linq
      • NetworkMessages: avoid Linq
      • PlayerEquipment: avoid Linq
      • Utils: avoid Linq
      • UIUtils: avoid Linq
    • V1.60 [released 2019-07-18]
      • Entity.GetInventoryIndexByName: avoid allocations
      • Mirror updated to latest version (performance improvements, NetworkWriter pooling, SyncList no observers memory fix, etc.)
      • Database.Connect function called from NetworkManagerMMO.OnStartServer to only connect on server, not on clients. Fixes the WebGL error.
      • NetworkManagerSurvival: disable some log messages to not spam the server logs
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.OnApplicationQuit removed because Mirror handles it now
      • NetworkManagerMMO.DoServerDisconnect: don't log if no playercontroller because that happens if a player disconnects while in lobby.
      • Database: forgot to initialize singleton in Awake after recent Connect change
      • Zombie class renamed to Monster because not all monsters will be zombies, and for consistency with uRPG/uMMORPG
      • EquipmentItem.category moved to UsableItem.category
      • Hotbar location models
    • V1.61 [released 2019-07-31]
      • Inventory.SlotsOccupied added
      • ScriptableRecipe made abstract, added CraftingRecipe to prepare for Furnace
      • ScriptableRecipe.OnValidate: set ingredient amount to at least 1 after assigning a new ingredient.
      • ScriptableRecipe.CanCraftWith: filter out empty slots to prepare for furnace
      • CraftingRecipe.FindForIngredients function that is used by PlayerCrafting and UICrafting. Also avoids Linq for performance.
      • PlayerStorageUsage: use look.headPosition instead of transform.position in Cmds. Fixes a bug where we could open the storage but not modify slots because we were in PlayerInteraction's raycast range but not in Cmd's range. Also makes interacting with storages above the player easier.
      • Crafting at Furnace
    • V1.62 [released 2019-08-17]
      • Fix UIInventory slots being used when dragged onto themselves because button.interactable was set and would overwrite UIDragAndDropable's interactable while dragged.
      • NetworkProximityGridChecker: reduce OnRebuildObservers allocations from 9.6KB to 8.1KB by reusing the HashSet
      • NetworkProximityGridChecker: reduce Grid2D Get allocations from 8.1KB to 3.5KB by reusing empty HashSet
      • fix Furnace.Update warning by using ServerCallback
      • fix Furnace not rebaking after dragging item out of it while baking. last slots are now assigned all the time no matter what.
    • V1.63 [released 2019-09-21]
      • Equipment: check durability > 0 in bonus calculation to exclude broken items from boni
    • V1.64 [released 2019-09-30]
      • Mirror updated to latest version (auth, sync-to-owner, allocation-free send)
      • Hydration/Nutrition/Temperature/Endurance energies sync mode set to Owner to save bandwidth
      • PlayerRespawning/Inventory/Combat/Construction sync mode set to owner to save bandwidth
      • NetworkAuthenticatorSurvival component added to NetworkManager. takes care of all the authentication, and unauthenticated connections can't send messages (or bypass authentication) anymore; OnServerLogin addon hook renamed to OnServerConnect.
    • V1.65 [released 2019-10-01]
      • Item cooldowns
      • Weapons use new item cooldowns too. Fixes a bug where having one 10s cooldown on one item would require 10s before using the next item of a different type too
      • Fixed some build warnings
      • Save and load hotbar selection in Database for a better user experience
      • FirstPersonClipping uses a new HideInFirstPerson layer to hide meshes in first person. Main Camera clips this layer, Volund Prefab's Equipment Avatar camera shows this layer. Fixes a bug where the player head in first person would be hidden in the equipment avatar. Also improves performance because less draw calls and no material swaps are needed.
      • Football helmet equipment item for easier testing
      • FirstPersonClipping: use transforms instead of renderers and hide all renderers in children. this way it works for equipments lots (like head slot) too. Make sure to reassign the hideRenderers in the player prefab's FirstPersonClipping component when upgrading.
      • FirstPersonClipping: calculate nodepth layer name only once
      • ItemModel layer created and assigned to all item models. Both main camera and player prefab's avatar camera show the ItemModel layer now. fixes a bug where the helmet wouldn't be shown in the equipment avatar unless in first person.
      • Equipment slots can now be dragged out of the window to drop the item to the ground
    • V1.66 [released 2019-10-04]
      • ItemDropSpawners removed. ItemDrops now have a 'respawn' and 'respawnInterval' property. They can be placed directly in the scene for an easier workflow, and instead of Destroying+Spawning, they are simply hidden for much better performance. Additionally we avoid lots of unnecessary ItemSpawner NetworkIdentities in the scene too. When upgrading manually: make sure to reassign the proximityChecker field in each ItemDrop and replace your ItemDropSpawners with the ItemDrops directly and enable respawn and respawnInterval for them in the scene.
      • Removed Outline shader for compatibility with Standard Shader and future rendering pipelines.
      • NetworkManagerSurvival: character creation code moved into separate function
      • Reimplemented SQLite database for 10x performance improvements. make sure to delete your old database file when upgrading manually.
      • Database: renamed structure x/y/zRot to x/y/zrotation for consistency
      • Database: renamed character table's class field to classname to avoid C# name collisions with built in 'class'
      • football helmet: added durability to tooltip
      • ScriptableItem.OnValidate: disallow durability for stackable items to avoid confusion when people can't stack the same item types with different durabilities.
      • UIEquipment, UIHotbar: reset image color to white for no-durability items. Fixes a bug where no-durability items could still have the wrong color when dragging them into a slot where a durability item was before.
    • V1.67 [released 2019-10-08]
      • NetworkmanagerSurvival.OnClientDisconnect: remove redundant StopClient call because base function already does so
      • Database.CharacterLoad: add missing deleted check
      • Mirror updated to latest version
      • UsableItem: only modify cooldown dict if we have a cooldown. avoids resync for 0 cooldown items.
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.OnStart/StopServer: remove unnecessary base calls
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.OnServerAddPlayer replaced with OnServerCharacterSelect and CharacterSelectMsg to avoid obsolete Mirror warnings. NetworkManagerMMO.OnServerCharacterSelect addon hook added too.
      • NetworkManagerSurvival: set client ready after selecting a character. not after connecting.
      • Database: character_equipment inherits from character_inventory to save code
      • Database: character_hotbar inherits from character_inventory to save code
      • CraftingRecipe.FindForIngrediends renamed to Find for consistency with uMMORPG
      • FurnaceRecipe.FindForIngrediends renamed to Find for consistency with uMMORPG
      • CraftingRecipe.IngredientsNotEmpty function that avoids Linq
      • PlayerCrafting.CmdCraft: pass recipe name so that the server doesn't have to search the whole recipe dict, which would potentially slow down the whole world
      • NetworkManagerSurvival: cache player classes in Awake
      • GUIConsole updated: usable with F12 hotkey, limit memory usage, etc.
    • V1.68 [released 2019-11-25]
      • UIEquipment shows cooldown circle too
      • Mirror updated to latest version (sceneId fix)
      • Project Settings: disabled Unity analytics
      • Door.OnValidate adds animator cull mode warning
      • Door prefab Animator cull mode set to Always animate. fixes a bug where door colliders wouldn't move on server or host mode because the meshes are hidden and the animator wouldn't move the mesh, hence not move the collider either.
    • V1.69 [released 2019-12-05]
      • Hide main UI if server stopped
      • NetworkManagerSurvival.OnClientDisconnect: only find main camera once
      • Fixed UI Chat activating during WASD movement again, this time for good. Chat InputField Navigation setting was set from Automatic to None to not activate anymore.
      • Mirror updated to latest version
      • Apathy, FallbackTransport with Apathy, Telepathy
      • Chat.SendGlobalMessage function for those who need it
      • UIChat.AddMessage: combined object creation with set parent
      • PlayerEquipment.RefreshLocation: combined object creation with setparent
      • Player Equipment: set equipmentInfo amount to 1 immediately when assigning an item
      • PlayerInventory: set defaultItems amount to 1 immediately when assigning an item
      • UIShowToolTip: set text immediately to avoid a small empty tooltip being shown for one frame. can be reproduced with a low framerate and hovering over the inventory button.
      • CraftingRecipe.CanCraftWith: avoid FindIndex
      • GridChecker performance update
      • Use CompareTag everywhere
      • NetworkBehaviourNonAlloc to avoid .name allocations
      • ScriptableObjectNonAlloc to avoid .name allocations
      • UI: only build tooltip while tooltip is visible. reduces UI allocations by 10x and improves performance
      • Palette tooltip shows name too
      • UIDragAndDropable: currentlyDragged made static so it can be checked by other components too
      • Energy scripts moved into Energies folder
      • Fixed attack animations being reset when being attacked bug
      • PlayerMovement.ForcePosition renamed to Warp for consistency with uMMORPG
      • PlayerMovement.Warp: ignore early warp for char previews
    • V1.70 [released 2019-12-07]
      • Combat.OnClientReceivedDamage: remove unnecessary gameObject parameter
      • ItemContainer and Inventory/Equipment inherit from it
      • Item.CheckDurability to avoid the complicated check everywhere. Also fixes a bug where Equipment wouldn't include boni for items with maxDurability==0
      • UIDragAndDropable copies image color too, so that dragging low durability items it has the same color
      • PlayerHotbar: rename CheckDurability to IsHandsOrItemWithValidDurability
      • FiniteStateMachine moved into Monster.cs
      • MonsterAnimation moved into Monster.cs
      • abstract Entity class for Player and Monster to inherit from. For consistency with uMMORPG and to avoid GetComponent class later
      • changed to Entity
      • Structure inherits from Entity
      • Added Harvestable component to Tree prefab
      • Combat uses Entity and avoids GetComponent calls
      • Entity.collider field added to avoid thousands of GetComponent<Collider>() calls later
      • Monster uses target.collider instead of target.GetComponent<Collider> everywhere
      • Added public component fields to Player class to avoid GetComponent calls. Player.onlinePlayers value type changed to Player too
      • Player.localPlayer type changed to Player to avoid even more GetComponent calls
      • PlayerInventory.DropItem: only call GetComponent once
      • Database.CharacterLoad: avoid GetComponent calls
      • UsableItem: use correct parameter name
      • UsableItem passes Player instead of PlayerInventory/PlayerHotbar to avoid lots of GetComponent calls. Also makes the code more elegant with less strange uses like ''.
      • Combat.onServerReceivedDamage: first parameter changed from GameObject to Entity. Make sure to assign the new Combat.entity field in Inspector for all entities (players/monsters/trees/structures) when upgrading manually.
      • PlayerAnimation code moved into Player.cs
      • Interactable passes Player instead of GameObject as parameter to avoid GetComponent calls
      • CharactersAvailableMessages.Load uses List of Player
      • Monster: replace remaining GetComponent calls
      • PlayerConstruction: remove components in reverse order to avoid RequireComponent dependency errors. Also sorted PaletteStructure components
      • Energies: improve bonusComponents caching to fix a bug where max wouldn't work when cached in Awake
    • V1.71 [released 2020-01-08]
      • ApathyTransport updated to latest version: separate client and server max tick rates, with client one being higher by default.
      • PlayerHotbar.OnUsedItem cooldown category fixed
      • Mirror updated to latest version to fix a bug where DoServerDisconnect wouldn't save the player after a client disconnected. See also:
      • CameraRide improved: moves backwards now
      • hide latency while disconnected
      • Volund components sorted
      • Player.OnDestroy: only remove if entry is self. not if ondestroy is called for a character preview etc.
      • Database.connection made public so it can be used by addons
      • UIKeepInScreen: assign RectTransform component in Inspector to avoid lots of GetComponent calls each Update
      • Database onConnected, onCharacterLoad, onCharacterSave hooks added for addons
      • NetworkManager: fix missing Apathy reference in fallback transport
    • V1.72 [released 2020-02-17]
      • Mirror updated to latest version (fixed all open bugs)
      • Apathy updated to latest version (fixed 2 bugs)
    • V1.73 [released 2020-03-12]
      • Apathy updated to latest version. Fixes a bug where calling server.GetNextMessages after server.Disconnect(connectionId) would log an EBADF error because GetNextMessages would try to close an already closed socket.
      • Apathy moved out of Mirror folder for easier Mirror updates
      • PlayerHotbar.OnSelectionChanged: setting selection to new value manually isn't needed anymore. Mirror does it automatically.
      • UIHotbar: syntax improved
      • Mirror updated to v10.4.10
    • V1.74 [released 2020-03-23]
      • fix: OpenCharacterController had a bug where the character y position would increase every time we go from swimming to standing. resulting in the character floating in the air when doing it often enough. Also moved it all into the Scripts folder
      • PlayerMovement: removed GetDesiredDirectionOnGround which caused strange/slightly off movement directions on slopes and roofs
      • CharacterController2k V1.1 - lots of improvements. Fixes a bug where jumping sometimes wouldn't be work after walking over tiny slopes.
      • Player prefab: sliding start delay adjusted to 0.1 (new default)
      • PlayerHotbar now inherits from ItemContainer
    • V1.75 [released 2020-05-06]
      • Anti Speedhack checks on server
      • Mirror updated to V13.0.2
      • CharacterController2k updated to V1.2
      • fix: NetworkProximityGridChecker.OnDestroy only removes connection from grid if the identity is the connection's main player (not a pet that is owned by the player). Fixes a bug where despawning a pet would make all surrounding npcs/monsters disappear for a while.
      • fix: Latency UI is shown again
      • Apathy updated to latest version. Improves high CCU situations where previously error messages would be spammed way too much.
      • PlayerMovement.Update: isLocalPlayer check added
      • fix: PlayerMovement.FixedUpdate now calculates the correct velocity for combined moves. It was missing a fixedDeltaTime division.
    • V1.76 [released 2020-06-17]
      • PlayerMovement: removed custom acceleration/deceleration in all states. GetInputDirection now respects the GetAxis acceleration/deceleration by only normalizing when necessary, which gives a more consistent acceleration/deceleration in all states.
      • Apathy updated to latest version. Greatly reduces allocations per connection.
    • V1.77 [released 2020-07-08]
      • Upgraded to Unity 2019.4 LTS
    • V1.78 [released 2020-07-10]
      • Fixed Welcome script build error
      • Apathy updated to V1.12
    • V1.79 [released 2020-08-23]
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2020
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  2. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Questions or suggestions? Let me know!

    I will post here as soon as uSurvival is live on the Asset Store!

    Here is an additional screenshot that also shows the UI:
  3. Neviah


    Dec 1, 2016
    - Projectile weapons (ie. rocket launchers, grenades)
    - Easy Unity Wizards to add: character models to your controller, weapons with stat options, power-ups
    - Choose deaths as: animation or ragdoll
    - Party system of 3 or more
    - Friendly fire option on/off
    - Able to drop/pickup weapons on the floor.
    - Optional campaign features: Levels, weapon levels, stat slots for weapons (ie, 20% less recoil)
    - Spawn manager: wave system where zombies can attack an object players need to defend, or just attack players. random spawns throughout the level continuously, in packs or single spawns.
    - Weapon manager that allows players to choose:
    1. Raycast or Projectile
    2. Muzzle flash prefab
    3. Prefab to represent bullet if it's projectile based, or optional tracer if it's raycast (and properties to change color, size, etc)
    4. Intended damage: will it be cone attacks? (flamethrower) will it be shotgun spread? will it have an area of effect when it hits it's target? what force will the projectile travel at? what force will the explosion produce?
    - ZombieManager that can allow the developer to choose different behaviors for the zombies. Like optional attacks besides the basic one (zombies that can run faster, or do a jump/leap attack, or teleport, or something, I dunno haha)

    I'm sure I'll add more later, but hey it's something!
  4. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Hey, thanks for your feedback.
    Weapons can already dropped to the floor, just drag them out of your inventory.

    Focusing on core features now, more advanced stuff later. Been working on this for 7 months non stop, first goal is to release V1.0 :)
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  5. cybersoft


    Feb 12, 2014

    That is really a great news. I wanted to buy uMMORPG during last sale but I have bought a lot of assets and the learning curve is one of important factors if I decided to buy something.

    I am looking for compact multiplayer solutions like this and not only FPS but more skills and quests oriented for multiplayer games. Multiplayer Survival could be universal for presentations, education and even schools and games of course too.

    You could create easy to understand documentation with a lot of videos.

    My suggestion: make this asset integrated with other imported and high rated assets like car driving, animations (Final IK), Master Audio Multiplayer etc.

    What about the price (launch sale :))?
  6. SirTwistedStorm


    Sep 20, 2015
    I'd say everything @Neviah suggested would be great for a future update along with resource gathering and temperature.
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  7. cwxxc3


    Feb 1, 2017
    Some questions/suggestions:

    are there first-person hand models? The demo made me motion sick and I feel like the bobbing and side to side movement is the cause. The animation for the first person look similar to third person, so is the camera just zoomed in to the head? I was able to clip my head through walls which is an issue and might be from how you set up first person.

    looting should be more like uMMORPG? This looks like it was based on it so why not use code that is already there? It's hard to pick up items that can be underneath an AI body. It would also make PVP more smooth. Rather than pick up each single item when you kill somebody. What happens when you want an item but your inventory is full? It's much more smoother to have an loot inventory screen open and drag and drop what you want.
  8. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Skills in quests are only in uMMORPG, probably won't add any to this asset here.
    Will worry about integrations/car driving etc. much later, focus is on the core features for now. Getting it all just perfect.

    Price will be $80 again like my other assets.
    Put about 2700 hours of work into it, so should be worth it :)

    Temperature is a good idea, will put on my ToDo list.

    Only one model + zooming at the moment. Although most parts of the model are hidden in first person, you pretty much only see the hands anyway.

    Item drop loot makes sense for now since item spawns required that feature already. Bag looting would require more code. This whole debate about which loot system is best will continue forever though, been through that with uMMORPG too. Half the people want bag loot, half the people want drop loot.

    You can drag items out of your inventory by the way.
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  9. cwxxc3


    Feb 1, 2017
    I don't see the debate here or why anyone would argue for drop loot. It might make sense in an mmo but not in a survival shooter. I understand if it requires more work, even though the code and design for it already exists in uMMORPG. But in survival games when you kill someone, you loot their body in an inventory and take what you want and leave what you don't. Picking items off the ground when your inventory is full isn't fun. I saw you can drag items out of your inventory but then you're sitting there dropping and picking up better items you see. Not to mention you market this asset for the networking and performance, but having more entities has an impact on performance. one loot-able body has less impact than 12 entities per body. Just my two cent
  10. Neviah


    Dec 1, 2016
    The game making the most money right now for survivals is dropped loot. So...
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  11. cwxxc3


    Feb 1, 2017
    And what survival game is that? All the top survival games on steam don't have dropped loot. Neither does dayz the game that spawned the survival game trend
  12. Neviah


    Dec 1, 2016

    So, dropped loot? XD
  13. cwxxc3


    Feb 1, 2017
    ehhh I wouldn't consider fortnite a survival game. It's a battle royale game which is an offshoot of the survival genre. Just like MOBAs are to MMORPG games. And PUBG was one of the top survival games of last year and it didn't use dropped loot. But drop loot is good in a battle royale because it's fast-paced and the round based. While a survival game is persistent and much slower paced
  14. SirTwistedStorm


    Sep 20, 2015
    I also don't consider Fortnite a survival game, I think the way Rust is would work well for this kit even without the building feature. A box of loot is just easier, right click items in the box to move to inventory. I would also suggest right clicking on an object in the inventory auto moves it to the next open slot in the taskbar or if armor it would equip it, food it would eat blah blah.
  15. Totals


    Nov 27, 2013
    Be really cool to have some sort of global inventory that is an optional component.
    When they leave a server or some condition is met they can store gear there, and when a certain condition is met be able to access that gear.
  16. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    People should be able to create addons easily, I am sure we will see something like that at some point.
    Can't promise to add it to uSurvival though - focus is on core features for now.
  17. RandAlThor


    Dec 2, 2007
    I would like to see some sort of server syncronized local temperatur too.
    For example some different temperatures on different heights like normal temp on one height level and more cold if you climb on hills.

    Also i would like to have server controled seasons with blending from one to another.

    I have bought some assets from you and this will be in my portfolio as soon as i read it is available.
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  18. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Can't promise to add that soon because that requires a lot of art.
    I do like the idea a lot though - a fireplace with some mountains somewhere would be great.
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  19. Totals


    Nov 27, 2013
    Would be cool to have a prefab that can be dropped in that doesnt allow pvp for the area of the sphere.
  20. Xype


    Apr 10, 2017
    Nothing at all survival about this asset. This is a shooter template with a half functioning thirst system, item combine labeled as crafting but is far from crafting, no stations, less than 1/4th of the features expected in a survival asset for more than double the average price of a survival asset. Creator expects the community to do 90% of the support on his assets, and in the demo you can't even see if multiplayer works at all what a joke.

    Also on the dropped loot aspect he obviously has no concern to listen to anyone, so why would you pay double for this?
  21. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Rage posting again Xype? Well I'll reply anyway.

    You can kill zombies with an axe while trying to find some food to not starve to death. Also worth noting that this is V1.0 and there is a lot more to come. It has been in development for over 2000 hours already.

    That was kinda the point.

    It has a thirst system. Why is it half functioning?

    The crafting system is very similar to minecraft. It's simple and it works. It's called 'crafting' in minecraft too.
    There is a valid point about having some kind of oven / campfire for crafting. I will look into this after V1.0.

    That's kinda subjective. If you are looking for a complete DayZ / Fornite / PUBG / ... project for $80 then sorry, doesn't work this way. It's a long, difficult process that takes hundreds of versions. We are at the very beginning here.

    There is no good & stable multiplayer survival asset on the asset store. IMO the price is justified. In fact, even if you value your time at $0.05 / hour, you will still come out positive with the amount of hours saved for this amount of features.

    I don't expect anyone to do support. It's a community, there are some people who are so happy with my assets that they want to give something back to others. That's how communities work. Everyone who's in my discord will confirm that I am on there every single day answering questions myself.

    It's just a simple WebGL demo. I do this for uMMORPG too. Saves time.

    I do listen. 50% of the people want bag loot, 50% of the people want drop loot. It's the same problem in uMMORPG, there's no way to make everyone happy here. Besides, this aspect is easy to change.
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
  22. Kalle801


    Mar 3, 2013

    I agree and for me its already survival if you have to try to stay alive with food and water alone!
  23. Ronith


    Feb 20, 2014
    hey vis,
    any plans for cast-time weapons like a bow oder mage attacks in uSurvival?
  24. Hitch42


    May 12, 2015
    I know you'd want to keep uSurvival and uMMORPG as separate products, but combining these two would be an absolute dream asset for me. The gameplay and camera in uSurvival is much closer to what I'm looking for than the Diablo/MOBA style in uMMORPG, but I'd still want the quests, skills, and other MMO features. At the risk of derailing this thread, please give consideration to incorporating the features of both. Or maybe have some sort of guide to combining them to people who purchase both assets. I cannot be alone in wanting an action MMO asset like this, and you have all the pieces. It's so tantalizingly close.
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  25. MrIconic


    Apr 5, 2013
    #liked because the thought of having an asset that is them combined (maybe for an upgrade price from any of the two packages) sounds neat.
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  26. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Weapons already have cast times, e.g. axe hit takes longer than machine gun shot.

    Adding quests to uSurvival would be very easy. The core was the difficult part (real time movement etc)
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  27. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
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  28. Hitch42


    May 12, 2015
    Insta-buy. I look forward to trying it out. I do hope that you consider giving it some MMO-like features in the future.
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  29. Neviah


    Dec 1, 2016
    Do enemies have other behaviors? (ie, grouping, patrolling, attacking with ranged, running away and attacking if you're too close, etc?)

    Do enemies have skills? (can they lob a grenade, use a ranged weapon, heal, etc?)

    Is there a progression system?? Like leveling up?
  30. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Some maybe, not all of course. Main focus is on DayZ style survival sandbox.

    No special enemy behaviours yet, just what you see in the demo. Definitely something I want to research though - e.g. a pack of wolves that groups up before attacking you. Will take time though.

    Enemies have no skills at the moment, just simple attacks. They do have skills in uMMORPG though so maybe I'll port them over at some point, not sure yet.

    No progression system - surviving is supposed to be the main progression :)
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  31. TerraEbb


    Nov 4, 2012
    I just found out about this. This is fantastic. I have been working with uMMORPG for quite a while now on a project to containerize it to run on Kubernetes and I wanted it to play more like a Survival game than an MMO but still maintain RPG elements similar to 7 days so this is fantastic news!

    Instant buy...
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
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  32. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Great to hear!
  33. TerraEbb


    Nov 4, 2012
    Spent some time with this last night and I am very satisfied. Having owned uMMORPG for seems like more than a year I see the same level of quality in this asset. I am looking forward to what is too come and given your track record I know I can count on you to make good on your promises and not abandon your asset like has happened with some other assets of this type. That being said I am going to drop a top five most wanted enhancements list mostly repeats of what has already been asked for when you get to the point where you are ready to focus on new stuff out side of the core functionality. Some of which I may just try to build via the add on capabilities. I am more than willing to wait or build an add-on. Also please furnish me with a donation link so I can give you the other 40$ at some point it's worth it.

    1. Solid Integration with popular assets that are uNet enabled (I know some can and I think most will drop in with relative ease, going to let you know as I own a embarrassingly large number of them) Rucksack, Enviro, Ootii Third Person Motion Controller, uConstruct or EBS, etc.
    2. Harvesting capabilities trees, rocks, plants. This is kind of a staple for Survival games.
    3. Crafting in placable objects campfire, forge, workbench, etc. Also a common feature fo this type for genre. I am more than willing to help with basic art if you need it I will just donate it to the asset.
    4. Environmental effects cold, heat, wet, etc. with a stat modifier to health, hunger, and thirst.
    5. A basic skill system using scriptable objects somthing similar to what is discussed here
  34. SirTwistedStorm


    Sep 20, 2015
    I agree, Opsive will be releasing a new controller around August that would be perfect for this as it is both first and third person, and with that integration we could easily use behavior designer for the AI features mentioned above.
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  35. Hitch42


    May 12, 2015
    Speaking of common survival game features, how feasible would it be to have voice chat included?
  36. SirTwistedStorm


    Sep 20, 2015
    I'm sure you can easily add it with another asset.
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  37. Darrkbeast


    Mar 26, 2013
    If you going for day z like then you have surpassed it about 2 hrs into development.... lol. Im still a little bit spicy over Day Z's horrible development. Anyways I like what your showing so far, will keep my eye on it, honestly all I want is working multiplayer, simple crafting, good shooting mechanics & decent zombie AI/ ai in general.

    Would be neat if you had a fortification system, not building but more so boarding up premade buildings, but i can do that so no issues either way.
  38. SirTwistedStorm


    Sep 20, 2015
    This is mainly the multiplayer, the shooting is basic so that you can build it your way. It has simple crafting, and simple zombies. fortification could most likely be added with simple networking and triggers. I recommend getting it ASAP at 50% off as the community is highly active and helpful.
  39. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    UNET is UDP so that's a good start.

    Thanks. Building system is planned, but it has scriptable items so you can do just about anything in Item.OnUse then.
  40. Darrkbeast


    Mar 26, 2013
    Cool, I have your other assets to, keep up the great work.
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  41. tim0546


    Jun 10, 2018
    I highly suggest not buying it, in the thread he mentions to multiple AI theres one zombie and not many things what you would expect for the price.
  42. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2018
  43. Darrkbeast


    Mar 26, 2013
    Tested it out some today, I'm still new to coding and everything worked right away. I expanded the scene to see how it would play on an island, and it plays well. Added some screen shots. Its solid foundation, even the AI while basic is better than Day Z is after years of development. I will be testing more later, adding new system in too. I look forward to new versions. Grab 20180611014342 w1920h909 x-118y77z278r347.jpg Grab 20180611014556 w1920h909 x-143y74z295r135.jpg Grab 20180611014600 w1920h909 x-136y75z291r279.jpg Grab 20180611014718 w1920h909 x-178y85z44r37.jpg Grab 20180611014342 w1920h909 x-118y77z278r347.jpg Grab 20180611014556 w1920h909 x-143y74z295r135.jpg Grab 20180611014600 w1920h909 x-136y75z291r279.jpg Grab 20180611014718 w1920h909 x-178y85z44r37.jpg

    Attached Files:

  44. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Good to hear, thanks for sharing!
  45. guillermofernandezcadarso


    Apr 13, 2018
    Hi guys! I have purchased usurvival recently. First tell you that its a amazing asset.
    I would like to use this for a space survival game and i would like to use multiple scenes.. It could be possible with unet and this environment?

    Also I would like to know if someone knows the best way to make storage chess with this asset

    Thank you so much!
  46. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    V1.2 [released 2018-06-15]
    • Combat.DealDamageAt health>0 check so dead zombies can't be shot anymore and RPCs aren't sent unnecessarily
    • Zombie collider disabled while dead so that it doesn't block movement or shots anymore
    • Interaction panel: removed content size fitter from ActionText
    • RecipeTemplate renamed to ScriptableRecipe for consistency with ScriptableItem
    • Fixed locked cursor still being visible on Windows
    • PlayerAnimation uses local player values for local player to avoid latency
    V1.3 submitted for review too.

    Thank you.
    Multiple scenes are kinda possible. UNET's default HLAPI has scene switching bugs that they never fixed, but if you use HLAPI Community Edition (see my signature) then it'll work.

    I do have a 'NetworkZones' addon for uMMORPG where you can run one scene per server process and hop between them via portals. I might test that for uSurvival later too. Just contact me in my discord if you want to try the addon before that.

    Not sure about storage yet.
  47. guillermofernandezcadarso


    Apr 13, 2018
    Thank you so much for the info, im testing a couple of things before and then i will contact to you in discord!
    Best regards
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  48. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    V1.3 [released 2018-06-16]
    • Fixed first person hands/weapon clipping through walls by adding a WeaponCamera that only draws the NoDepthInFirstPerson layer without depth check; changed all weapons and volund hands/leather to the new layer
    • RangedWeaponItem: Raycast starts from head bone now to avoid shooting through walls. WeaponModel.MuzzleLocation not needed anymore.
    • PlayerMovement: climbing movement uses inputDir instead of horizontal/vertical input directly to make sure that diagonal movement is normalized
    • PlayerMovement.FixedUpdate always update even while dead, only ignores inp

    V1.4 pending review (more first person fixes).
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  49. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Update: big bug fix release today.

    V1.5 [released 2018-06-21]
    • PlayerHotbar.GetCurrentUsableItem that returns item or hands. Simplifies the rest of the code. RpcOnUsedItem only sends item hash now to reduce bandwidth (saves 4 bytes each time a weapon is fired etc.) and to make it more logical
    • Punching animation rotation fixed so the player punches directly forward again (thumbs still oddly rotated but can't fix atm)
    • ShoulderLookAt.Awake uses localRotation instead of rotation to fix a weapon rotation bug that happened if Editor ran as host and build ran as client
    • NoDepth drawing is limited to local player first person instead of just first person. Fixes a bug where players playing in first person would see nodepth drawings in other players, e.g. the hair ring in front of the face etc.
    • ZombieFSM: kiting protection disabled. Players can now dodge zombie attacks by running out of their attack range while they attack.
    • ZombieFSM.attackToMoveRangeRatio so that the zombie runs closer than attack range towards the target, so that it can still finish the attack even if the target moves backwards only a little bit
    • ZombieFSM.IsReachable: fixed top/bottom points calculations by using .extents instead of .size
    • ZombieFSM.IsReachable fixed: ignores own collider and compares hit.collider with other collider to see if anything is between us and target or not. Fixes several reachability bugs, like the one where we could crouch away from a monster without being reachable.
    • NetworkTransformRubberbanding, IKHandling, PlayerMovement channels set to StateUpdate with manual delay check before Cmds; added StateUpdate channel to NetworkManager. This way the Cmds aren't sent from client to server every Update (hence almost DDOS if people have fast computers). Reduces bandwidth from 25KB/s to 8KB/s on my slow computer.
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  50. Khestral_01


    Nov 6, 2012
    Is it possible to implement AStar Navigation for this kit?