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using prefab

Discussion in 'Data Oriented Technology Stack' started by mattinjersey, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. mattinjersey


    Dec 3, 2016
    Lets say I have a car, standard asset from unity asset store.
    I want to use it in my DOTS game with Physics.
    If I just attach convert entity to the prefab, does not seem to work (crash).
    I found some script that you create an empty game object, add the script, and then the prefab is entered into that script.
    That seemed to work but I can no longer see my car in scene view, which makes it hard to adjust the scene.
  2. RichardWepner


    May 29, 2013
    I encountered several crashes, but they never were related to the setup. Please check again if it works if you just start Unity again with the same project and attempt to run it. If you can reliably reproduce this crash, the Unity staff most likely would be glad to receive your project as a repro case to analyze the issue.