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Using an animation's baked Transform Position without actually baking in the position

Discussion in 'Animation' started by ArchSinccubus, Aug 10, 2022.

  1. ArchSinccubus


    Jun 2, 2017
    So... This is a bit of a pickle I'm in, and I'll try my best to explain my situation

    I have a game I'm working on who's character controller is used on the one in Unity's Standard Assets (Third person controller). I've hacked it to bits, added a ton of code, and now the character can climb, run, hike up walls, lots of new stuff.

    The issue I have now is... With the ledges the character can grab, as well as the animation of them climbing upwards.

    What I initially did was take an animation from Mixamo of a person climbing up a ledge, and used it for my game. And, since the controller's motions are _already_ based on the Animator's movements, I baked the y position of the animation into my animation, so that when the character climbs, I don't have to actually move it manually. It'd use the animation's y position, and then transition back to grounded movement.

    In addition, when doing the ledge grab, I wanted the character to stick to the edge of the wall. So, to do that, I put the ledge animations on a y offset, allowing me to have them move across the wall without having to temper with the collision in any way. And so far that worked.

    Until... I had to contest with wall climbing.

    Because of the way I have it set up, when the character finishes climbing a wall all the way, they will enter ledge animations. That is because they are now hanging from the top of the wall. However... Since the wall animations don't have a y offset, that creates a weird transition in which the character suddenly rises into the air and then goes down. So far, I managed to fix that, and put the y offsets back to 0. Now however, I have to do the same with the climbing animation, which is the only one that has a distinct change in it's y position baked into it. If I don't leave it baked, the character just does the animation in place and then falls. If I do... the second the animation finishes, the transition to grounded animation will pull it back down _anyway_, because of the lack of offset.

    So, in a way, the best solution I can see is to use an animation's baked position movements... Without actually baking them in. And I have no idea how to do that.

    Any suggestions?