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Use Unity 2019 without Unity Hub

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by mnarimani, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. mnarimani


    Mar 27, 2017
    I think Unity Hub is useless.
    Who installs a separate software only to load projects? I mean, it's ridiculous!

    Using Unity Hub must be optional. For someone like me who only uses one Unity version at a time, Going through Unity Hub doesn't do me any favor.
  2. hansmbakker


    Apr 1, 2019
    Cross-quote from different topic:
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  3. Ethan_VisualVocal


    Mar 23, 2016
    It IS completely optional. You can find the direct download links here, by clicking the drop-down for your OS platform:

    The problem is they completely hide the direct download links from the primary update page. I personally feel that using Hub is a better experience for most users, but I don't think tricking people into thinking it's the only option is great.

    Going through the Hub is still useful for:
    • Launching projects directly into a specific Target Platform instead of the previous. (Devs targeting multiple platforms do this a lot.)
    • Installing upgrades without having to dig around on the website.
    • Managing installed components without having to dig up the original installer file.

    At the rate Unity publishes updates -- at least SIX in a month, excluding any betas -- managing this through 3rd party stores is a waste of resources for an inferior result, in my opinion. You have no control over the turnaround from submission to published and full availability. If Unity released updates like, once every month or two, this option would make a lot more sense.

    This, I agree 100% with. Half of the things I use Unity Hub for (project & target platform switching) feel like they could be natively implemented in the Unity Editor instead. Visual Studio (Windows) is a great example of how to do this right. (I find it maddening that I can't launch the Unity Editor without a project chosen/being-loaded.)

    If they did that, then all I would continue to use Hub for is managing the 3 different installs I'm constantly updating and jumping between.

    The only upside to Hub providing this functionality is it lets them iterate on the Hub feature-set independently of Unity releases, without having to use Unity's unpleasant IMGUI APIs, and lets them provide new functionality to the older LTS releases.
  4. MostHated


    Nov 29, 2015
    The less time developers have to spend trying to independently manage version, releasing updates, posting them to the site, dealing with posts like this, the more time they can dedicate to the things that actually matter, such as working on the engine.

    That being said, I think the hub is great. Instead of having to go to the site, look for the downloads area, find the version I want, download it, install it, I only have to click on it in the hub and hit install, to download and install it within a matter of 2-3 minutes and I am ready to go along with the different platform extensions for each one, and (previously but hopefully again) adding assets to my new projects before I even get them opened so I can skip having to fight with the slow store.
  5. Jargs


    Dec 8, 2018
    That's a website UX failure. There's no reason to "fix" an unusable website by requiring everyone to download an entirely separate hub app.

    I have no problems with the hub existing. I'm sure it's extremely helpful for a lot of developers, but for the rest of us, it would be really simple to provide an easy to find download link for the stanalone installer as an optional alternative.
  6. transat


    May 5, 2018
    Rather than pushing for some Hub features to be in the editor, I think the answer is to make the Hub actually do useful things. @Jargs the UX failure is with more than just the website.

    Why can’t Unity move the asset store from the editor to the hub, make it an asset browser, move these forums and Unity Community stuff there (and improve these dramatically). In other words, I’m spending too much time going from an asset’s web forum, to the asset’s Unity forum, to the asset’s Discord - simply because none of these have satisfactory functionality. So what I would like is an actual HUB, managed by Unity, and which addresses some of the massive UX problems with our current setup. There is so much that could be done with the Hub!
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  7. Nicate


    Jul 18, 2018
    You also need Unity Hub to create new projects. 2019 can do it on its own, but the result is very subpar. It creates a pre-5.0 project without any installation options, and names it "New Unity Project".

    Looks like you also need it to use the Asset Store from inside the editor, although not for free assets it seems.
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  8. ptcmia


    Nov 14, 2012
    I downloaded Unity from the archive but when you launch the program it says you need Unity Hub to authenticate. I cant use Unity Hub because of all the firewalls at work. How do I get around this? I am using the free version of Unity.
  9. Lurking-Ninja


    Jan 20, 2015
    Talk to the IT department.
  10. Nicate


    Jul 18, 2018
    Does Unity still provide the option to not log in when starting the application? You used to be able to skip that step.