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Feature Request URL to webpage or deeplinking for Push Notifications

Discussion in 'Player Engagement' started by YD_JMysior, Apr 18, 2023.

  1. YD_JMysior


    Aug 4, 2016
    We are very excited for Unity Push Notifications as this would allow us to further reduce the number of portals / services we use to maintain our apps.

    One feature that is missing for now (unfortunately making the tool a no-go for us at the moment) is the ability to provide a url to the push notification - both as a web page link and for deeplinking (opening a specific scene in the app). Other service providers (eg. OneSignal, Devtodev) have this functionality out of the box. I think this would make Unity Push Notifications much more attractive.

    Best regards - I'm rooting for this service!
  2. mforrest44


    Unity Technologies

    Apr 9, 2021

    Thanks for the feature request - it's something we'd already discussed as a team so glad to hear it's something you're interested in :)

    I do have a few questions to help me understand the requirements here:
    1. How would you expect to configure the extra data? Would setting up key-value pairs along with the notification suffice?
    2. Would you expect to send multiple links with a single notification?
    3. After checking out the feature, is there anything else missing or anything you'd expect to see?
    As you might have seen we're currently in Open Beta and would love any further feedback you have so we can prioritise improvements!


  3. mpistellavc


    Nov 4, 2022
    Hey Mike!

    We would also love this functionality to be added.
    1. I would expect there to be a radio button to choose between Deeplink and regular URL.
      1. key-value pairs should be sufficient
    2. I think for most use cases 1 link per notification is sufficient
    3. Wouldn't mind having a second image link input for the small vs big notification image sizes.