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Discussion UPM (Unity Package Manager) Template + Tutorial

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BAIZOR, Oct 30, 2022.



    Jul 4, 2013
    Hello, dear community!
    I develop many helpful packages for Unity on GitHub, you can check my profile. I realized that should be very helpful to have a Template for making a new package fast and easy. I made one a few years ago. But now I just finally polished it and am happy to bring it to the forum. Hope it is enough documented to use and understand.

    Package is an amazing thing that Unity supports. You can make something once, and just reuse it in any other project. Update the package in all your project if needed.

    Unity Package Template (clickable)
    The template provides the ability to use any supported by Unity distribution platforms
    Example how my packages (by Ivan Murzak) look in a Unity project

    Package versioning is supported, you can choose any version of a package in Package Manager, also Package Manager shows when there is a newer version available to install.

    Hope it will help somebody and save your time!
  2. Noisecrime


    Apr 7, 2010
    Thanks for this, it looks interesting.

    Quick question can this be used with the Unity packages;
    • Package Development
    • Package Validation Suite
    From a quick glance at your readme, it looks like the template goes from github to Unity, where you create the package on github, change properties by hand ( package name etc ), then eventually download/clone and finally import the package template into Unity to develop. Where as the Package Development package from Unity, creates templates in Unity and you'd have to set up a git repro afterwards.

    So this sort of makes them a bit incompatible at first glance, but I feel like there is probably an order that might work.

    I should say I do like the Package Development package from Unity, it adds a 'create package' option to the 'Add package' dropdown and automatically creates the basic template needed. What I feel like your github template offers though is better integration intop methods of distributing packages ( something i've yet to really dive into ). So would be interested to hear your thoughts on combining these.