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Official Upgrading to Analytics SDK Version 5.0.0: Embrace Simplicity, Flexibility, and Performance

Discussion in 'Unity Analytics' started by clarec_unity, Aug 15, 2023.

  1. clarec_unity


    Unity Technologies

    Nov 17, 2020
    We are excited to announce the release of version 5.0.0 of our Analytics SDK! This update brings several important changes and improvements that benefit both developers and players. In this post, we'll outline the key changes and customer benefits of upgrading to the latest version. So, let's dive in and discover why this update is a game-changer for your app's data collection and consent management.

    Simplified Consent Management Workflow
    The new version introduces a comprehensible end-to-end flow suitable for studios of all sizes. We believe in empowering developers with complete flexibility and authority over player consent and data collection. Now, you can start or stop data collection based on player consent, ensuring clear and transparent data collection practices.

    One of the primary benefits of this new workflow is the mitigation of legal risks associated with collecting player data before obtaining consent. By putting consent in the hands of developers, we empower you to prioritize your players' privacy and comply with data privacy laws effectively.

    Addressing Current Flow Issues
    The previous consent management flow had some limitations, which have been thoroughly addressed in the new SDK version. The legacy flow posed legal risks for developers and UGS and lacked adaptability to incorporate established privacy workflows.

    With version 5.0.0, we've resolved these issues, providing a more stable, reliable, and transparent consent management process. Developers can now confidently collect and manage player data in accordance with data privacy laws and industry best practices.

    Improved Offline Functionality
    We understand the importance of preserving player data even when the game is played offline. The 5.0.0 SDK now offers improved offline functionality, reducing data loss when the game is started or closed without internet access.

    This enhancement ensures that player data is properly cached and synchronized when the game is offline, minimizing any potential loss of data. Players can now enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, knowing that their data is securely stored until a connection is restored.

    Performance Improvements
    Version 5.0.0 comes with significant performance improvements, making it more efficient than previous versions (v4.3.0 and below). These improvements alleviate frame-rate hitches during data upload and reduce memory allocations during event recording.

    Additionally, the ability to record a new session if the game is put into the background for over 5 minutes further enhances your data analysis capabilities, providing more accurate session metrics. These performance enhancements benefit both developers, who will experience better resource utilization, and players, who will enjoy smoother gameplay.

    Bug Fixes
    We take your feedback seriously and have diligently worked to address numerous bugs present in previous versions. The 5.0.0 SDK update includes a range of bug fixes that contribute to overall stability, reliability, and performance.

    Upgrade to 5.0.0 Today
    The Analytics SDK version 5.0.0 brings simplicity, flexibility, and performance enhancements to your app's data collection and consent management. With the new consent workflow, improved offline functionality, comprehensive documentation, and bug fixes, upgrading to this version is highly recommended.

    Upgrade now to offer your players a seamless and privacy-conscious gaming experience while benefiting from enhanced performance and ease of consent management. Check out the migration guide and learn more about data privacy.

    Head over to our Unity Package Manager and get started with the new Analytics SDK version 5.0.0. Happy coding!