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Question Updating build from 2019.3.15f1 to 2022.3.11f1 now crashes when connected to the internet?

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by Kristen182, Oct 25, 2023.

  1. Kristen182


    Aug 10, 2018
    I have a published game that runs great that was last built in Unity version 2019.3.15f1. Without making any changes to the game, I updated the project to 2022.3.11f1 and built the game again. It now crashes shortly after the game loads, but only when connected to the internet. The game still runs fine if I disconnect my phone from the internet. It also runs fine in the Unity editor whether or not I'm connected to the internet.

    I think there's probably some kind of change in Unity between these versions causing the crash, but because it's been so many years between these two releases I'm not sure where to begin troubleshooting this issue as it only crashes when I build it and install it on test devices. I verified it still runs fine if I build it using the old version of unity, and this problem still occurs on a second test device I tried.

    I also tried debugging it using adb logcat but the line for the crash gives no information.

    On launch, my game executes a couple pings, so I'm wondering if it's something with the ping or using StartCoroutine for the ping? Does anyone have any ideas? I know this is 3 years of difference between versions so it might be hard to pinpoint what the change in Unity causing this problem is.