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Official Updated (Unity 2022 LTS ed.) - Lighting and environments in HDRP - 180 pages e-book, available now

Discussion in 'High Definition Render Pipeline' started by eduardooriz, Apr 9, 2024.

  1. eduardooriz


    Unity Technologies

    May 28, 2018

    The definitive guide to lighting and environments in the High Definition Render Pipeline
    is now updated with the latest graphics capabilities in Unity 2022 LTS. This e-book was first published for Unity 2020 LTS, and updated for Unity 2021 LTS, in this 180-pages book we demonstrate the power of physically based lighting in HDRP for creating high-end lighting effects across PC and console games.

    What’s been added?
    The guide co-created with Unity experts and includes new extensive chapters on:
    • Shader Graph and materials in HDRP
    • Terrain
    • The HDRP water system
    Other updates are samples, realtime GI updates, using Enlighten, SSGI, APVs, Raytracing & DirectX 12, contact, micro and soft shadows, and many other small tweaks throughout the book.


    Here’s a quick overview of the topics the e-book covers:
    • HDRP concepts, settings, cameras, and Volumes frameworks
    • Exposure, modes, physical camera settings, and formulas
    • Light units, types, properties, and IES Profiles
    • Creating natural-looking skyscapes with the Physically Based Sky system
    • Refining and modifying shadows, reflections, and real-time lighting effects to add depth to your scenes
    • Creating terrain and water
    • Shaders and materials in HDRP
    • Best practices for using the Rendering Debugger
    • Ray tracing and post-processing
    Watch this in-depth look at the HDRP water system video tutorial made as a companion piece to this e-book update

    Who is the guide for?
    The guide is intended to be a foundational, advanced-level resource for technical artists, lighting artists, and developers working in Unity.

    If you have any feedback or encounter problems accessing the file let us know in this thread :)

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