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[UPDATED] HUGE music pack of variety by FunFant [VOUCHER]

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Funfant, Nov 20, 2022.

  1. Funfant


    Jan 26, 2013

    still on sale <20eur/usd

    voucher for the quickest one!

    Includes music packs released in the asset store
    I will update it with more packs included.

    This pack has some variety, not just all orchestra

    Fantasy, synth, happy, rock, metal, and more!

    - Total of 33 music packs

    - 210 original music tracks with

    - total duration over 5 hours

    - (7+ hours counting the extra loops)

    - uncompressed 16-bit 44.1kHz wavs

    v2.0 NOW INCLUDES 33 Music Packsover 5 hours (7+hrs with all edits) over 450 files, 4,85GBWith UMM vol 1 you upgrade to have UMM vol 2 for free! With UMM vol 2 you can upgrade to have UMM vol 1 for free!

    To obtain all 4,85GB of files get the other pack for free.


    Happy Music Pack 1-4

    Happy Waves

    Fun in the Sun 1-4

    Positive Music Pack 1-2


    Acoustic Fantasy Tales

    Enchanted Fantasy 1-2

    Fantasy Themes 1-3

    Medieval Fantasy Loops

    Medieval Hero 1-2


    Explorer's Music Pack 1-2

    Gunslinger Music Pack

    Magical Forest


    Synth Noir (Retro Synth)

    Electro Action

    Sumo - Ambient Electro

    Industrial Space

    Virtual Space


    Rock Loops

    Epic Rock Theme

    Fire Music

    Heavy & Metal Loops

    All files are in full quality wav versions which can be compressed in the editor if needed.

    All professional tools are used in the production of the packs.

    Some packs include also shorter excerpt loops for added value. Only longest main file lengths are calculated in the track counts and durations, not the shorter extra versions or alternative full versions are added in the durations mentioned here.
  2. dragonalumni


    Jun 25, 2021
    Thanks for the voucher Funfant, I picked it up at 19 minutes after posting. A bit of luck and finally my time-zone is working to my advantage. I immediately downloaded the package and have spent the last 10 minutes browsing the pack. I was mostly interesting in the Fantasy category and already found some great tracks. "Our Little Village" and "Young Hero" in the Medieval section are amazing and I'm sure I'll find a bunch more tracks I like. Thanks again.