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[Updated -> 1.2.0] Fantasy Sword Component Pack

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Darkhoover, Aug 19, 2023.

  1. Darkhoover


    Mar 30, 2013
    Do you need a lot of different swords for your project? Perhaps for randomised weapon loot or a crafting system?

    This pack is made up of fully textured and game-ready sword components consisting of blades, guards, hilts and pommels which can be used to put together one or multiple swords of your choosing - or you can easily extend & integrate the included sword generation example to create a randomised sword generator!
    With 16 different meshes and 168 4096x4096 textures you can make over 8,000 different sword combinations; all already set up with LOD cascades & prefab-ed ready for use immediately. A blank prefab with the correct positioning for the components is also included so you can get creating right out of the box, just drag-and-drop!

    All the swords are based on hand-and-a-half (Bastard sword) dimensions; so are suitable for both one and two-handed combat with all the components sized to fit Unity's default unit scaling. The swords would be ideal for any fantasy setting but also any contemporary or medieval settings; you can just switch out and mix-and-match the components as you desire.
    Since release late July the pack has already received one update adding three new meshes and texture sets with a second release including a further three meshes (including a Khophesh style blade) and new texture sets being finalised for the coming weeks.

    If you'd like to check the pack out and see more randomised sword examples, you can find it on the asset store here!

    There's currently a sister pack, the Fantasy Polearm Component Pack (including components for making pikes, spears etc), under approval for release on the Asset Store in the coming weeks - with further packs planned to make a homogeneous eco-system of weapons.

    Thanks for reading the post & have a great day!
  2. Darkhoover


    Mar 30, 2013

    The Fantasy Sword Component Pack has just been updated!




    Three new meshes and 56 new textures have been added to the pack along with a tidying pass on all the LOD meshes and UVs. This brings the total number of possible sword combinations to over 36,000!

    The next update will include a new hilt type with a bandaged/wrapped look along with a new angled guard and some classic circle-style pommels. Alongside these new meshes there will also be some runed blade textures that I'm particularly excited to work on.

    If you'd like to check the pack out, you can find it on the asset store here.

    The Fantasy Polearm Component Pack is still under approval but will be coming to the asset store soon.

    Thanks for reading! :)