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"Update Z_AdditionalVertexStreams" just deletes the z_additionVertexStreams

Discussion in 'World Building' started by fwalker, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. fwalker


    Feb 5, 2013
    I have been trying to upgrade to 2019 and having problems with UVs and Polybrush. So I decided to backtrack and take one step at a time. First upgrade polybrush to 1.0.1 then upgrade Unity to 2019.

    We are running Unity 2018.4.3f1, the artist used and old version of Polybrush with AdditionalVertexStreams. I am following the directions to upgrade here:

    Once I get to Step 5 and install the new Polybrush I notice a message under the AdditionalVertexStreams components that says that they are obsolete. That's ok, I have not run the upgrade tool yet. However, I notice also that the Additional Vertex Stream Mesh reference is gone and changed to "Missing (Mesh)".

    When I run tools->PolyBrush->Update Z_AdditionalVertexStreams the Z_AdditionalVertexStreams are simply deleted and I see no PolybrushMesh components, which I believe it is what should be showing instead of the Z_AdditionalVertexStreams component. So the polybrush work is gone ! :(

    I have tried every combination of the steps in that website.

    So what is the trick to get the upgrade working?

    It seems like the moment you open unity with no references to any polybrush code (as you deleted polybrush per step 3) the script reference is missing and so it the data and everything is lost. When you install the new polybrush the data is already gone :( ...

    Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG