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Update and Diagnose greyed out

Discussion in 'Samsung Smart TV' started by archdak, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. archdak


    Jul 29, 2017
    We have a model 40KU6400U tv and have a Hard Drive connected via USB to enable recording. For the most part it operated ok but sometimes it does not record a programme that has been set. When it happened last time it was just after the last update and I re-installed the update which seemed to sort it. This time whe I set it to record a programme it tells me that it is already set for another programme to record (which it isn't).

    I have gone into settings and looked at doing another update but it is greyed out. So to is the Diagnotics.

    Firstly why are both greyed out and how do I get them back.
    Secondly, has anyone any idea as to what is wrong with the TV .
    I suspect it is the software at fault but there is nowhere that I can even get it back to factory setting.

    I know that the H/D is in perfect order.

    Any help would be appreciated