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Question Unusually high EditorLoop timings

Discussion in 'Linux' started by SchnozzleCat, Jun 10, 2023.

  1. SchnozzleCat


    Oct 23, 2013
    I installed unity on linux and the editor loop timings are much higher than on windows. I can easily hit 120+ fps in playmode there, while here it ranges between 30 and 60.

    I've already tried messing around with the interaction modes to no avail.

    The editor itself seems to run well enough, but if it tanks this much performance from the running game that seems like an issue.

    Fedora Workstation 38
    Sway WM

    i7 13700kf
    gtx 1080
    32 gb ddr5 ram
    980 pro m2

  2. ChiwTheNeko


    Mar 24, 2022
    The GameView has a VSync option that is hidden inside the Aspect menu. That might explain what you're seeing, especially if you are using variable refresh rate on Wayland.

    If not that then you will have to look deeper inside the profiler to figure out what exactly is slowing the framerate down.