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Help Wanted Unlit Soft Particles not rendering alpha on texture on URP

Discussion in 'Universal Render Pipeline' started by colinleet, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. colinleet


    Nov 20, 2019
    Today while trying to switch my project over from HDRP to URP, I found that the unlit soft particle shader I've been using for over a year in HDRP was not rendering correctly (it looks like it isn't rendering the alpha channel for all but the last particle) when I was trying to re-setup the shader in URP. [Both when using this shader graph version I found online, and the official shader below].

    For reference here is the particle I'm using for this shader, and the shader graph I'm using (see attachments):

    (How the shuriken particle system is supposed to look in HDRP.)
    HDRP Particles Working.jpg

    ( How it's rendering in URP -- The very last particle is showing.)
    [The last particle is dark blue so I had to draw a box around it.]
    Inked URP Yuck.jpg

    I attempted to fix the problem by both using the old shader graph base version, and using the soft lit particles which are native to URP -- both versions are showing identical results, so I don't think my soft particle shader graph is the issue... This photo is using the built in method anyways with these settings.

    (Yes I've turned on the URP depth pass required for soft particles in project settings, and forced it on for the camera.)

    URP Standard Unlit Setup.jpg

    Does anyone have any idea as to how to fix this? Or if this is even a bug?

    I'm using all of the latest releases: 2021.2.3f1, URP 12.1, OpenXR 1.3...

    Attached Files: