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Question Unitypackage to VRM issues translating?

Discussion in 'Formats & External Tools' started by genki-, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. genki-


    Jan 11, 2021
    Hi there!

    I'm totally new to Unity and Blender as well, and recently I got a commission down where we spruced up my model and stuff for VRChat and a bunch of other things. I've been able to get the necessary plugins for my character but for some reason, even after getting the VRM shaders to cooperate with the model and everything looks like it's ready to go, it doesn't interact with the other programs I'm using. I want to preface this with I've used programs like Cinema4D before, and Unity has been a fun learning experience for me despite all of this going on. I wanted to learn all of this so I could make other assets in my spare time.

    I use VSeeFace to goof around for right now, but when I get the model inside of the application, the eyes look like a mask and the shading isn't working despite it working somewhat okay in Unity. I say somewhat because of the MToon and something with my model might not be interacting well with it?

    I have a couple of photos I'm going to upload so we can see the "translation" error between the two programs and extensions.

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