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[UnityConnect] Request timed out error

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by pansiketsu, Aug 9, 2022.

  1. pansiketsu


    May 10, 2017
    Unity login seems to be failing, does anyone know the cause?

    Request timed out while processing request "", HTTP error code 0
    .[UnityConnect] Request timed out.
    [LicensingClient] Error: Code 3 while verifying Licensing Client signature (process Id: 972, path: "/Applications/Unity")
    [Licensing::Module] Warning: LicensingClient has failed validation; ignoring
    [LicensingClient] Handshaking with LicensingClient (version: 1.10.5+a276b43)
    [Licensing::Module] Successfully connected to LicensingClient on channel: "LicenseClient-amata_meteor" (connect: 0.00s, validation: 0.01s, handshake: 1.15s)
    Entitlement-based licensing initiated
    [Licensing::Module] Error: Access token is unavailable
    [LicensingClient] Licenses updated successfully

    LICENSE SYSTEM [202289 11:41:28] Next license update check is after 2022-08-10T02:41:28

    LICENSE SYSTEM [202289 11:41:28] Current license is already valid and activated. Skipping license activation process (Provided username/password will be ignored).
    [Licensing::Module] Serial number assigned to: "SC-NQHK-VCB9-6WWN-6ZXY-XXXX"
    Pro License: YES
    2022-08-09 11:41:28.228 Unity[4310:37812704] *** -[_NSActivityAssertion _initWithActivityOptions:reason:expirationHandler:]: Warning: Could not create system idle sleep assertion (-536870199)
    FATAL: Unity3d command line execution failed with status 134
    Build step 'Invoke Unity3d Editor' marked build as failure
    Finished: FAILURE