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Unity UI Extensions Update 2.0 - Released (The uber, major, massive update)

Discussion in 'Extensions & OnGUI' started by SimonDarksideJ, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. SimonDarksideJ


    Jul 3, 2012
    Unity UI Extensions - Update 2.0
    The update so big they had to name it twice.

    It's a brave new world as we head in to the first major update to the Unity UI Extensions project since our initial release back in December 2014 (WOW, has it been that long?)

    The project has been through many changes since then:
    • Doubling the controls / effects every few months
    • Major support from the community
    • The release of my second Unity book focusing on the Unity UI System
    • The move from Mercurial (hg) to Git
    • New documentation videos / tutorials
    • Thousands of supporters across the world
    It's been a wild ride but it doesn't stop there, keep an eye on the project and support us if you can. Either with code, reviews, issues, fixes or even friendly funds :D

    Above all, the project is FREE to use and will always remain FREE
    (we just ask you to think of us if the cash starts rolling in :D)

    As ever, if you have an idea for a control but don't know how to build it, then just ask by raising an issue of type Proposal on BitBucket. be sure to chat to us on Gitter beforehand, just to be check if your idea can work with the existing controls.

    Be sure to logon to the new Gitter Chat site for the UI Extensions project, if you have any questions, queries or suggestions

    New / updated features
    • Major updates to the Line renderer for texture and positioning support, inc Editor support
    • Line Renderer also includes "dotted" line support and the ability to increase the vertex count
    • Reorderable list now also works in Screenspace-Camera & Worldspace
    • H&V Scroll Snap controls now support scrollbars
    • Minor updates to the Gradient 2 control
    • Minor updates to all dropdown controls to manage control startup
    • Update UI Particle Renderer with new updates, including Texture Sheet animation support
    • New Selectable Scalar
    • New MonoSpacing text effect
    • New Multi-Touch Scrollrect support
    • New UI Grid Renderer (handy if you want a UI grid background)
    • New CoolDownButton control (adds a timer between button clicks)
    • New Curly UI - for those who like their UI Bendy
    • New Fancy Scroll View - A programmatic scroll view
    • New UI Line connector control - extends line renderer to draw lines between UI Objects
    • New Radial Slider control - for those who like their sliders to curve
    • New Stepper control - a +/- control similar to that found on iOS
    • New Segmented Control - A button array control similar to that found on iOS
    • New UIHighlightable control - just in case the user wasn't sure where they were
    Examples / Examples / Examples
    Finally added some proper examples, especially for the newer controls.
    These can be found in the Examples folder (which can be safely deleted if you wish)

    • ColorPicker - shows the Color Picker UI in both SS and WS
    • ComboBox - shows all the different combo box controls
    • Cooldown - several example implementations of the cooldown button control using Unity image effects and SAUIM
    • CurlyUI - shows off the CurlyUI control
    • FancyScrollView - the only REAL way to understand this programmatic control (direct from the contributor)
    • HSS-VSS-ScrollSnap - several working examples of the HSS/VSS scroll snaps (not ScrollSnap or FancyScrollView), including a full screen variant
    • MenuExample - A demo menu implementation showing off the new MenuManager control
    • Radial Slider - Just keep on sliding
    • ReorderableList - Several examples of the re-orderable list in action, complete with managed drag / drop features
    • ScrollConflictManager - Making ScrollRects get along
    • SelectionBox - The RTS selector in action, showing examples of selecting 2D and 3D objects
    • Serialisation - Unit test case examples for the serialisation components
    • TextEffects - All the Text effects and shaders in one easy to view place
    • UIlineRenderer - Several demos / examples for using the Line Renderer and UI Line connector controls
    • UIVerticalScrollerDemo - A full screen example of a UIVertical Scroller implementation.
    • H&V Scroll Snap Next/Previous Button interactable handler (only enables when there is a child to move to)
    • H&V Scroll Snap Swipe logic updated and now includes scaling support
    • Editor options for non-drawing graphic control
    • Events in ComboBox, Dropdown and autocomplete controls updated to use UI events
    • UIFlippable "Argument out of Range" bigfix (pesky component orders with effects)
    • All primitive controls will now redraw when enabled in code
    • Autocomplete has two lookup text methods now, Array and Linq
    • Line renderer pivot fix (now respects the pivot point)
    • TextPic rendering and event updates
    • Minor tweaks to the UIParticle system to remove "upgrade" errors. Still needs a rework tbh
    • Clean up of all unnecessary usings (swept under the rug)
    Upgrade Notes
    With this being a major version update, it is recommended to remove the old UI Extensions folder before importing the new asset.

    So stop just reading this and get yourself on to the site and downloading the package

    I've submitted the package again to the Asset Store for this release. It's been kicked out every other time but who knows. I left a load of comments on the submission for consideration, so maybe we'll get lucky.
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  2. Nowlz


    Nov 18, 2016
    Great work! Well done to all those involved, the UI Extensions package has been so helpful over the years. Very much appreciated.
    SimonDarksideJ likes this.
  3. SimonDarksideJ


    Jul 3, 2012
    I can't believe it's been 2 years already, the time has flown.

    About time I got my second UI book done and released. More of a "How to" than a technical reference like the last one.
    Thanks for the kind words
  4. longroadhwy


    May 4, 2014
    This looks really nice thanks for posting.
  5. justtime


    Oct 6, 2013
    Hi there!
    Seems, that this asset doesn't fit for massive usage. I'am drawing grids with a lot of lines and rects (around 1500 and 300) and on enable/disable objects fps goes down dramatically due to CG on Canvas.sendwillrendercanvases or MaskableGraphic.OnDisable
    Here some screens

    Attached Files:

  6. SimonDarksideJ


    Jul 3, 2012
    @justtime please don't post exactly the same comment in multiple places, just makes it harder to answer.
    Repeating what I responded in BitBucked and this post -

    I Responded to your post on BitBucket and you have to remember that this is still based on the Unity UI system and reliant on it's framework. So having 100's of items on a canvas isn't going to perform well, you have to optimise as shown on the Unite sessions this year.

    That being said, new controls like the "GridRenderer" extend the line renderer to control how the line is generated resulting in a grid with only one draw call. So it's best to optimise the mesh you generate within a single RectTransform and it will perform a lot better. The UIConnector does something similar and we just had a PR for drawing multiple lines with the same Line Renderer which I'm reviewing.
  7. andyz


    Jan 5, 2010
    Some good stuff in this, did not notice a stepped Slider though which is easy enough to do by extending Slider. Had to add one recently - essentially a Slider with added step size so you can do say 100-500 range with a 100 step to limit values to 100,200,300,400,500
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
    SimonDarksideJ likes this.
  8. SimonDarksideJ


    Jul 3, 2012
    If you know the ins and outs of the UI Framework, all of this is fairly easy to put together. Full aims of the project, like most assets is to provide them out of the box, so you don't have to :D
  9. andyz


    Jan 5, 2010
    Just digging this thread up again to ask about 1 pixel lines and if any one came up with a good solution with UI Extensions or with any other technique!
    I came up with a potential solution involving using UILineRenderer with caps/joins disabled and then using a material with a 4 pixel line texture (2 inner pixels solid white, 2 outer transparent) at half size (so 2 pixel wide lines) and also snapping coordinates to half pixel values. Result is anti-aliased 1 pixel-ish lines on my Windows PC at least. I don't currently have time to suggest a mod to the project repo but can provide sample Unity project. Would be good to have a solid 1 pixel line drawing solution for community if none exists.