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Unity Tree Creator (SpeedTree) - Custom Leaf Mesh Not Appearing in Scene

Discussion in 'World Building' started by chimcham, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. chimcham


    Jun 23, 2018
    Hey apologies if this is repetitive issue, I haven't found a definitive solution yet for the effect I want to achieve . Basically I am looking to make 3D low-poly leaves that look like geometric shapes -- cone, pentagon, icosphere, etc.

    Each time I try to add my own mesh to the leaf node in Unity's tree creator tool (I think people call it speedtree?), the mesh does not show up in the scene. Basically there are circles on the branches indicating where the leaves should appear, but my desired object is not there.

    Here's my process:

    1. I create a mesh in Blender -- like a pentagon.obj

    2. Import into Unity

    3. Change leaf node geometry to mesh, then drag pentagon.obj into it

    4. No leaves boooo
    I have tried using the "default" of the prefab and using a .fbx version of the mesh as well, dragging them into the leaf node. No luck. Leaves don't appear in scene.

    For some reason, when I use a 3D object from Unity as the mesh for the leaf node, the leaves appear just fine. What gives?

    Any help at all would be godlike.

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