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Question Unity Tiny games built with WASM crashes on IOS version higher than 15.1

Discussion in 'Project Tiny' started by Rangerz132, Jan 7, 2022.

  1. Rangerz132


    Feb 3, 2019
    Hello, I've been working with Unity Tiny since more than a year now and I have deployed more than 10 unique games already. All of them are built with WASM because they are hosted on a mobile gaming web app.

    The issue here is that all of them crashes on Iphone devices which has an IOS version higher than 15.1.

    This is my building process : I started by building the game with DOTNET with my PC in order to check if the game runs correctly. Once this is OK, I build with WASM as a single HTML file and test it on my several browsers. Then, I upload the build on my android device (TCL 10) in order to check if everything is OK. Once everything is done, I push the game on the mobile gaming platform (on the DEV server). After that, I test the game with my PC, my Android (TCL 10) ,IPhone 6 (IOS 12..), IPhone 8 (IOS 14.1), IPhone7 Plus (IOS 13.2.2), IPhone 12 mini (IOS 14.4), IPhone XR (IOS 15.1).

    Every tests I made earlier works perfectly. However, I got some reports that all of the games I made crashes between 30sec and 1min for users which own an IPhone with an IOS version higher than 15.1. A white screen appears and it is impossible to get any error on the console. My team an I made some tests and the issue only occured with game using Unity Tiny. Also, this is not due to the mobile gaming web app.

    If everyone has the same issue or might help me ... Thank you
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  2. Goularou


    Oct 19, 2018
    Not sure that it is directly related to iOS: I experienced crashes with the "build WASM as a single HTML file" while the "normal" build (with multiple files) was working fine....