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Unity Tech on the road: GDC Europe and FITC San Francisco

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by HiggyB, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. HiggyB


    Unity Product Evangelist

    Dec 8, 2006
    Ok, GDC Europe effort has folks "on the road", but FITC San Francisco means a few of us simply go somewhere different within SF the next few days. But either way, we're out on the road to spread the good word about Unity and so I'm here to let y'all know what's up.

    GDC Europe
    As you probably know GDC is one of, if not the biggest conference series in the games industry, and during the first part of this week Cologne, Germany is playing host to GDC Europe. We're not a sponsor or exhibitor of this conference but we do have people on the ground, notably David Helgason (CEO) and Brett Seyler (VP of Strategy), and what's more is that David is a speaker this year!

    David Helgason will be part of a game engine shootout scheduled for Wednesday morning from 10:10am to 11:00am and it's called 3D Development Engine Shootout. He will be on stage along with Mark DeLoura (Google), Philip Belhassen (StoneTrip), Joe Kreiner (Infernal Engine), Carl Jones (Crytek) and Mark Rein (Epic Games).

    For more information about the shootout or David's session in particular you can check the GDC Europe website.

    FITC San Francisco
    FITC is a long-standing conference series (over 30 events in the last 8+ years) that began as a Flash Festival back in 2002. They've kept Flash as their core focus but they're increasingly interested in expanding the tools tech covered and have begun offering more diverse presentations (meaning, non-Flash information). That expansion of minds now includes Unity being on the schedule starting with this week's FITC San Francisco!

    On Thursday, August 19th at 12:30pm, Bartek Drozdz (known as bartekd here on the forums) is delivering a session that focuses on Unity and its capabilities that is titled What Can You Do with Unity3d?. Additionally it's worth noting that Unity Technologies is a Bronze sponsor for the conference as a whole so we'll also have a few staff members in attendance (including me) to answer general questions and offer product demos about Unity at our sponsor table.

    For more information about the conference just visit the FITC San Francisco website.

    If you're at FITC San Francisco this week and you see someone in a Unity shirt, make sure to grab us and say hello!
  2. SPIKY


    Dec 19, 2008
    The 3D Development Engine Shootout seems particularly interesting. Are there any publications (blog, paper, summary, ...) of this session?
  3. Dan Fury

    Dan Fury

    Jul 18, 2010