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Unity reimports certain 3rd Party Assets when loading project from a git branch

Discussion in 'Asset Importing & Exporting' started by bmenzies, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. bmenzies


    Dec 5, 2019
    I'm 1 of 4 developers on a project using git with Unity. My machine is the only one with the problem. When I pull a fresh checkout of the branch and then open Unity, it reimports certain 3rd party files (eg .mat, .prefab, .asset) and causes them to be modified. I cannot see what the changes are to these files as they are binary files. Not sure if it's a git or Unity problem. But have done extensive googling and still haven't found a solution. I'm doing sensible things like version controlling meta files and have checked that my git merge tool in Unity preferences is the same as my co-developers - yet they are not having the same problems as me.

    Any help?