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Official Unity Reflect Beta

Discussion in 'Unity Reflect' started by DavidMenard, Dec 6, 2021.

  1. DavidMenard


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 3, 2019
    Hi everyone!

    Be among the first to see what new features and enhancements Unity Reflect Review has in store. Starting today, we’re excited to provide early access to new features the development team is working on. Here’s a peek at what’s under development:

    Marker-based AR
    • Ability to create a QR marker in your 3D model, that can be printed and scanned with a mobile device or tablet for instant model loading in the real world
    Presentation Mode
    • Allow users to start a presentation and have stakeholders automatically follow the leader’s view
    Performance Enhancements
    • Support for up to 10x larger models with faster load times and more stable frame rates through improvements in progressive loading
    Anonymous Users
    • Ability to share models and access models with project stakeholders, without having to login with a Unity ID
    • Note: To take advantage of anonymous users, the recipient of the shared project link must also have the Reflect Review Beta App installed (per links below).
      Users who try to access a model with the current or previously released app versions of Reflect Review will still be asked to login with their UnityID since this feature is still in beta. This includes the download links in the shared links page (see screenshot)
    To participate in the Unity Reflect Review beta, simply download the beta build from the links below:
    Don’t have a license of Unity Reflect Review? Try a demo here.

    Feel free to provide us with product feedback by posting a comment in the thread below or leaving feedback on the public roadmap. For the full list of generally available features, improvements, and fixes, refer to Reflect Review documentation here.

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2021
  2. vinfras


    Mar 16, 2022

    While inspecting large models, moving to a specific area is very difficult. So I want to show a small window containing 2d drawings of the model. By clicking on it, you will teleport to view that space in 3d. Look at the screenshot attached. You can see a small square window on the right top corner, containing 2d drawings of the model. There you can see my location also(blue round spot with eye view angle). The functionality is like, click a 2d location on the drawings to view that space in 3d.

    Screenshot is taken from Autodesk BIM360 viewer.

    All the info including drawings details are in the REVIT file uploaded to Unity. How do I get these drawing and sheet details in Reflect?

    How can I create this functionality in Unity Reflect? Where do I start? As I said I am new to Unity.
    Please guide me on this.

    2d_map_window.png 2d_map_window_2.png