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Official Unity Player Accounts GA & Expanding Bring Your Own Identity Support!

Discussion in 'Authentication' started by chengg_unity, Nov 1, 2023.

  1. chengg_unity


    Unity Technologies

    May 15, 2022
    Hello everyone! We have two exciting updates for this release - Authentication 3.1.0!

    Unity Player Accounts General Availability

    We are thrilled to announce that Unity Player Accounts is entering GA.

    Unity Player Accounts is Unity’s comprehensive sign-in solution that supports persistence across platforms and devices. It’s an end-to-end account system that includes a user flow UX, email and password, social sign-in options, data access and deletion flows.

    As a developer, you can consider Unity Player Accounts as another identity provider that Unity Authentication supports. Once added to your application, your players will be able to sign in using Unity Player Accounts.

    For developers already using Unity Player Accounts, you no longer need a separate SDK, you can now just use Authentication 3.1.0!

    Please refer to our
    documentation for more information.

    Custom ID Sign In
    We are now expanding our Bring Your Own Identity Support with Custom ID Sign In!
    With Custom ID, you can integrate any custom identity solution with UGS by passing your custom player id along with a service account token.

    Overall Flow


      • For our editor demo, we built a server running in an editor window listening to localhost which will simulate our game backend. It is setup with a service account to be able to do the authentication operation.
      • First, we manually sign in on the server and copy the access and session tokens to show that we can simply process tokens using the new authentication SDK.
      • We are now authenticated, we can see we have the same results between our game and server operations. Now let’s try the full flow. We will first sign out and clear our credentials.
      • For the end to end flow, we call our custom backend from the client, passing in a custom id. The custom id would likely be known to the backend in a real scenario. The backend performs the authentication and returns the tokens, which we process seamlessly. We can see, once again, that we have the same results on both ends.
    Please refer to our documentation(API | SDK) for more information.

    Cross-Platform Support
    To learn more about Cross-Platform Support, have a look at this post!

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  2. floriankorsakissok


    Jul 19, 2017
    Sounds awesome!

    The lack of WebGL support for Unity Player Accounts is a deal breaker for my company, unfortunately. We will stick with Firebase for now.

    Once Unity Player Accounts has support for WebGL, we will very likely invest in the migration to UGS though. Hoping that will help bump the priority of WebGL support internally :)
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  3. defikintaro


    Dec 16, 2022
    Great update !
    I am mostly curious about the rate limits of this endpoint. In the real use case scenario the custom authentication provider should be able to handle 1000+ requests.